Why you should consider Spartan SGX training

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Why you should consider Spartan SGX training! 

Let’s just break down why you should consider doing SGX training right now.

  • You’ve signed up for a Spartan Race.
  • You’ve signed up for another OCR (obstacle course race).
  • You’ve been going to the gym for a while and hit a wall. Hello new, exciting training program!
  • You want to push yourself physically and mentally, reaching new fitness goals.

Enough information right there? Ready to sign up for our upcoming training program? Great! Click here to sign up. Our very own Coach Craig is a certified SGX trainer and we run the program right from our studio, with one day a week spent outside.

Now for some fun, helpful information about Spartan Races and SGX training.

Adventure Races –what are they!?
You’ve head of Spartan Races, Tough Mudder, 5k & 10k Mud Run, etc. These races can serve as a fun way to get out and exercise more or challenge your body and mind. Some are more “fun runs” and others are intense; and best of all, most will get your covered in mud!

What is the Spartan Race?
The Spartan Race is the most exciting OCR (obstacle course race) around; according to Coach Craig!

“It’s a lifestyle that challenges you physically and mentally. Beckons you to see what rewards you may find if you choose a more difficult path. It pushes you out of your comfort zone,” Coach Craig explains.

Training for a Spartan Race will test you physically and mentally. With training, you’ll be prepared to take on the race day of with a big grin across your face…thinking “heck, I’ve push myself so far out of my comfort zone, I know I can do this!”

Other races vs. Spartan Races (What sets it apart)

As far as the race itself – it’s one of the most challenging. There are 20 – 30 obstacles challenging your strength, athleticism and stamina to the max. Outside of the race, there is a very clear culture. It centers around the idea that we would all be a lot better off if we could learn to get comfortable with being a little more uncomfortable. Not just in our physicality, but in our day to day life.

What sort of obstacles will you encounter during a race?
Jumping, climbing, grip strength, heaving lifting and much more.

Here are a few moves:

  • Atlas carry – atlas stone, big concrete stone formed in a sphere. Have a 25 yard span you have to pick up and carry the stone, set it down, do 5 burpees then pick the stone back up and carry it back.
  • Barbed wire crawl – crawl your way through a pile of mud, under barbed wire. Pretty simple, right? You’ll be dirty in no time with this obstacle!
  • Rope climb – climb a rope 16 feet up, that’s all!
  • Spear throw – throw a spear, making it stick into the spearman (wood or hay).
  • Fire jump – the last obstacle between you and the finish line! Leap over a wall of flames and you’ve made it.

Don’t think you can do an obstacle? Most allow a failure option. If you attempt a obstacle and can’t complete it, you must complete 30 burpees in order to move on. Check out all of the obstacles, here.

Are there levels for this race?
Spartan Race has three standard race distances. These are very open – a person of any fitness level can do this {we highly suggest training before hand, especially if you are at a beginner fitness level!}.

  • Sprint – 3+ miles, usually includes 20 obstacles
  • Super – 8+ miles, usually includes 24 obstacles
  • Beast – 12+ miles, usually includes 30+ obstacles

If you complete these all in one season, you get what’s called a Trifecta medal. Finally, there is one last race that is NOT for the faint of heart.

  • Ultra-Beast – FULL marathon with 60+ obstacles

There’s a kids race too. If your kids love to run around, climb over things and get dirty, this is for them!  (Click here for more information!)

I’m interested. What’s the next step? How do I get ready?

SGX – “Spartan Group X” – is the official training program of Spartan Races. Coach Craig has been certified through Spartan Race to run SGX training programs.

Whether you’re an athlete or just getting up off the couch, if you train with an SGX coach you can rest assured you will receive the proper, periodized, functional training to be ready for your Spartan race.

Sign up now for our SGX training program, beginning April 13, to get ready for a race or just train like you’ve never trained before!

What does this program look like?  

There are three main areas focused on including mobility, stability and strength.

  • Mobility – Animal flow; we are very sedentary these days. You’ll do specific moves to work on opening your hips and improving range of motion in your shoulders.
  • Stability – Joint stabilization. During race day, you’re running on unstable ground a lot! We create a safe environment for you when in training to build your joints. One way to do this is placing a bosu upside down and have you hold heavy weights.
  • Strength – Endurance and power very important. You need power to climb up a rope or jump over a puddle. One day a week we are out on the trails doing hill sprints, running and other drills to build up endurance and cardio vascular fitness.

Can anybody do this?

Absolutely! Anyone can do the SGX training. While this may not be a beginner program

Want more information?

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