Meal Planning 101

Life gets busy, we totally understand. Whether you’re running your kids to and from sports or school activities or you are enjoying life between work and friends. Health can sometimes be put on the back burner. How do you put it front and center, without feeling overwhelmed? Plain and simple, planning. You’ve heard the phrase […]

Healthy, simple crock-pot recipe to help during those busy weeks!

September is a busy time of the year. Many of you are trying to adjust to back-to-school schedules, and hey, we get that life gets pretty busy between school and extracurricular activities you’re driving your kids to. Then you’re trying to get family time in on top of it all! Who is exhausted just thinking […]

Enjoy fresh, local fruits with this Grilled Peach Salad

  It won’t be long before summer turns into fall and fall turns into winter – too soon to be thinking about winter? Summer is one of my favorite seasons and I love the fresh fruits and vegetables which come with it. What better way to enjoy every last bit of summer that you can […]

Losing The Last 10 Pounds…

Before I opened the studio, I actually had a go at teaching pre and post natal fitness in the Grand Rapids community. I soon realized that screaming babies in strollers was not my thing, but I did learn a few things about patience, which every parent is rudely awakened to, AND to be patient with […]

Picky Eaters: A Parent’s Dilemma

Dealing with a picky eater can be at the top of the list for most frustrating fights as a parent. As someone who has made health and wellness their life, this was a challenge I did not see coming.  Convincing a grown adult that junk food is bad for them is tough, but trying to […]

Squash Squash the Magical Fall Treat

Every season seems to be coordinated with certain foods and recipes. There seems to be certain foods that just go with specific seasons.  Foods that you crave during those times. During the winter we tend to eat “warm”, like casseroles, soups, stews; comfort foods.   During the spring, strawberries become a popular food because they are […]

What’s up with this “Organic” food?

Written By Matt Kishler If you haven’t noticed, the organic food industry has boomed tremendously over the past several years. Countless people have been discovering the many positive benefits associated with eating organic. So what exactly does it mean to eat organic? The term “organic” refers to the way that products are both grown and […]

No Time? No Money? Need Help? 5 tips for making cheap, quick and tasty meals!

            As a population that has to work a 40 hour week or more just to make ends meet in a family of 3 or more, we don’t exactly have the time nor the money to make an elegant meal. But maybe those elegant meals aren’t even what we want?! […]

Size Matters

Almost everyone when they hear the phrase “bad diet” imagines super sized McDonalds meals, greasy fried foods, and potato chips. The part we tend to over look is how much VOLUME of food we eat. Everyone knows that the health of our country is headed in a negative direction. Don’t be confused- I don’t mean […]

Top 12 Nutritious Recipe Sites for You and Your Family

As a busy mom of 2 young girls, I am always looking for new healthy recipes for our family. Last week, I was thinking that I needed to find some new recipes and while doing so, thought how great it would be to share those sites with you. Also, I encourage those of you who […]