May Coach of the Month  

Kendra Bylsma 

You all know and love our May Coach of the Month, Kendra! With this month being Member Appreciation Month, and recently celebrating five years in business, we thought this was the perfect time to feature our fearless leader! Check out her fun answers to our all new questionnaire, just for this month!

Q: Who is your favorite Allegro Member? Just kidding. We wouldn’t make you pick. What is one of your fondest memories at Allegro?

Ha- that’s like having to pick my favorite kid!  Memories- so many over the past five years but I would say the highlights for me have always been our annual Allegro Awards Party.  It’s such a great time to sit back, smile and enjoy all the amazing people who we have been able to serve and who have made a huge impact on my life too.  I also would have to say our Down Doggie Bootcamp and the day I was able to bring my personal mentor and fitness icon, Todd Durkin to lead his IMPACT workout for all of our members!  So much energy and inspiration!

Q: Why did you decide to open Allegro Coaching?

I started Allegro as an in-home personal trainer actually.  I went around town and trained individuals who were intimidated by gyms or had severe limitations.  I knew I always wanted to help make fitness feel doable for everyone, especially for beginners.  I opened the studio because I knew it would allow me to impact more lives and do it in a way that I believed was most authentic and heartfelt.  And heck, I’ve always been a dreamer and I was young enough that if I failed, I could still pick myself up and try something different! 

Q: Who is your favorite member? ……Get ya this time? No? 😉 What is your favorite part about Member Appreciation Month, as a owner and coach?

Okay, okay.  I have to give special props to our long standing members, Jack Handy and Amy Larson.  They were here at the very beginning, when we would have 2-3 people in a boxing class and didn’t really know what the heck we were doing.  I love Jola and Diane, two other long time faithful members who are such beautiful women, Christina Dugan and Tish LaVoie, two die hard tough cookies that don’t miss a workout.  And of course I love those members who are filled with energy….Caryn Stetson, Darcy Bekins, Heidi Klum, Ann Bell, Eleanor Gatewood and Henry Pena!  But I also love my Monday evening TRX women too!

Heck I love all our members, not just for your continued support of Allegro but for being vested in your health, no matter what life throws you.  And I love that we get to celebrate each of you for an ENTIRE month and do the unexpected things that make you smile and know you are appreciated by all of us.

Q: You’re pregnant! What are you most looking forward too?

What this baby will look like!  All our kids are blond haired, blue eyed so I am hopeful it might be our one brown eyed babe.  But honestly, just excited for a whole new level of joy and love at home.  Life is already busy, no doubt, but being a mom is my favorite and most rewarding role in life.

Q: The Allegro Awards are on Friday, June 2 this year. What are you most looking forward too?

I love watching how our team comes together to help with all the little details- the decorations, food, awards, music and festivities!   I also love hitting pause and just catching up with members outside of workouts.   It’s so fun to see what we all have in common!