Join us this fall for our 800 Gram Virtual Challenge!

What’s it all about?
The goal is to focus on a NON-restrictive diet. Just commit to eating 800 grams (about 6.5 cups) of fruits and vegetables per day.

Challenge dates: 
October 8 – October 28 (21 Days)

What’s included:
* No fancy “diet” to follow. Just increasing vegetables and fruit intake for better health!
* Private facebook group run by Coaches Amanda and Alyssa along with our Registered Dietician, Tracie Sanford which will include:
* Recipes that will help you hit your 800g per day
* 3 “AskThe RD” sessions
* Meal prep and shopping suggestions
* Motivation and accountability from your fellow participants
* Point scoresheets for tracking ease

Pay to Play!
* $21 per person ($1/day for accountability and better health!)

Do I win anything? Yep!
* The top 3 individuals with the highest point total at the end of the 21 days will each receive (1) free month of membership
* Swag bag prizes for 3 individuals (selected at random) for participating in the hashtag point challenge

Details & Fine print:
* You must sign up by midnight on Thursday, October 4th. No sign-ups can occur after that date. None.
* Further instructions for score logging will be emailed on Friday, October 5th so that you can go shopping over the weekend!
* There is no membership/class passes associated with this challenge. This is participation-based nutrition challenge.
* Program cost not eligible for discounts/promotions.
* This challenge is based on honesty when filling out score sheets. You’re on cheating yourself if you’re cheating on your score sheet.
* No refunds issued for not participating through entire duration of program.
* Score sheets due to the studio by 7:30 PM on Tuesday, October 30.
* Winners announced on Wednesday, October 31.