June Member(s) of the Month:
The 2017 Allegro Ambassador Team

Amy Larson, Rachel Leep-Williams, Audrey Heckwolf, Caryn Stetson, Maeve MacDonald, Sarah Fennema, Mary Reagan-Shapton, Brian Kelly and Eleanor Gatewood.  

Who are they?

This is a diverse group of Ambassadors with different occupations, interests and hobbies.  However, they all have some major things in common! 

  • They are fun and enthusiastic. They work hard and they play hard.  They love sweating and eating well, but they also appreciate the finer things in life (chocolate, cheese, wine, Michigan craft beer, etc…you get what we’re saying).  They are serious about what they do day in and day out (and their workouts), but they aren’t afraid to make sure that they’re enjoying the ride.   
  • They are natural leaders. They motivate themselves and those around them to achieve their best and set an example of healthy, positive living.  They are driven to inspire others (in and outside of Allegro) and to help our community rise!
  • They are passionate. There’s something about living well that really gets them going; their passion is admirable and infectious.  They work hard, they’re dedicated and they are ALL IN.  

What do the Ambassadors do for Allegro?

  • Assist new members in class 
  • Establish relationships and connect members with other members
  • Give constructive feedback on programs, classes, policies, etc.
  • Represent Allegro in the community and on social media
  • Assist at studio functions and events

Chances are that you’ve been in class with one or more of these awesome individuals and maybe you didn’t even know that they were an Ambassador.  Give them a high-five or a pat on the back for all they do.  They come to meetings late at night and early in the mornings.  They sit and listen to our ideas and give us feedback.  They volunteer for us when we need help.  Why?  Because they love Allegro.  Well, Ambassadors, we LOVE you!!!