Nowadays, busy is the new status quo.  Digging ourselves out of emails, meetings, to-do lists is hard enough, not to mention being forced to deal with constant change and conflict at the workplace.  Taking work home and feeling completely burnt out at the end of each day has also become the new norm.

You feel it and I imagine your employees feel the exact same way.  How can we help you come up for air and instead of just surviving the day, thrive in your personal well-being?  How can we help you develop the skill sets and mindset you need to manage everyday stress?

Join us for a special two-hour workshop on Thursday, May 4th from 3:30 – 5:30 PM at our Kentwood location.  This workshop, called “The Personal Compass” will help you transform stressors into opportunities for self-care.  We want you to experience firsthand how transformational it can be to practice self-care and build mental resiliency.

Just as you can train your body to get physically stronger, you can train your mind to get mentally stronger and to respond to stressors in ways that allow you to feel calm, clear and in control – no matter what life throws at you.

What can you expect?

  • Transforming Stressors into Opportunities Workshop (30-minutes)
  • How the power of LAUGHTER can combat negative stress (30-minutes)
  • LIVE guided meditation and restorative yoga
  • Wine, dark chocolate and special Allegro gift packages to each attendee

Please join us! This event is for all Human Resource professionals in the West Michigan area.  Please bring a friend and come dressed casual and comfortable!  To RSVP email  Time to practice what you preach and take care of YOU!