Allegro Coaching offers award-winning comprehensive corporate wellness services that enhance the health, well-being and productivity of your employees; our programs will lower your healthcare costs and improve your bottom line.  Our proven strategies are customized to meet your exact needs, and our distinguished professionals are experts at engaging your workforce and making a positive difference for your people and your business.

You approach every other aspect of your business strategically; why not be just as strategic about the health and well-being of your most valuable asset? Contact Allegro Coaching today to learn what we can do for you!

Corporate Membership Program

Want to save money & tell all your friends at work about Allegro?

We offer several options for your company to take advantage of with a membership at Allegro Coaching.  We can manage payroll deduction, monthly utilization reports and the administrative work to get started!  Please contact us directly for more specific information.

Health Coaching

This is what we do best.  Coaching programs are customized to your wellness goals. We take a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to promoting lifestyle change for health improvement. With a foundation in evidence-based practices, coaching interactions touch the physical, emotional and environmental hemispheres of each employee’s life. Our participant-centered methodology harnesses the power of Motivational Interviewing and Stage of Change Theory to guide employees through a sequential coaching process, with an emphasis on concrete outcome-focused sessions. Choose from 1-1 or small group (3-6)  nutrition, weight loss or fitness coaching services to best fit your budget and overall wellness goals.

Lunch & Learns

Educate your employees with resources and solutions that can inspire behavioral change.  We have over 50 topics to choose from, including stress management, work-life balance, nutrition, disease prevention and physical activity that cater to your demographic.  Classes can be catered to fit 30-45 minutes onsite.

Massage Therapy

Everyone loves a great massage!  Massage therapy benefits every system in the body. It reduces blood pressure, it aids relaxation, it improves posture, it helps relieve tension, headaches and eye strain, it reduces levels of anxiety, it satisfies the need for caring, nurturing touch and it increases the mind body connection.  We offer chair massage, table massage and health fair support options.

Onsite Fitness Classes

Make physical activity a no-brainer by offering classes onsite for your employees at lunch or after work.  Classes can be customized to your work space and work culture.  We bring the equipment, the music and the fun!  Choose from the following onsite class options or contact us for a customized class upon request:

  • Pilates
  • Toning with Tubes
  • R.I.P.P.E.D
  • Beginner Bootcamp
  • Core Express
  • Adventure Cardio Circuits
  • Yoga
  • Balls & Bands
  • P90X Sampler
  • Women’s Only Small Group

Wellness Challenges

Team Challenges are an excellent way to engage and motivate your employees to be healthier. Allegro Coaching creates programs that are creative, fun, and designed to maximize participation through incentives.  In addition to helping employees reduce their health risks, Team Challenges build morale, enhance camaraderie, and encourage participation in other wellness initiatives. We have a proven track record designing challenges that bring results and match the unique culture and brand of your organization!

Well Break

Provide your company or department with a health break and team building experience with a wellness focus.  With workshop options such as healthy cooking, fitness competition, life mapping, massage, boxing and others, you can build work team skills and promote individual healthy lifestyles all in one.  Great for work retreats or team building events!  Services can be provided onsite or at our local Grand Rapids studio.

Wellness Partnership

Looking to expand your wellness program without adding extra staff to your payroll?  We have an option for you!  With an annual wellness partnership, not only do you get a dedicated wellness coordinator for your program (onsite or remote), you get a discounted rate to all of our services, programs and onsite classes.  This is a win-win solution for a small business to large group employer looking to take their wellness program to the next level.

Wellness Program Consulting

Whether you are just starting your wellness program strategy, or looking to refresh your existing program, our consulting services will help you maximize your wellness efforts and impact.  Options include hourly consulting, strategic plan design & employee focus groups & committee design.

Well Workplace

Many of us spend as much time in our work environment as we do at home.  This environment can be health enhancing…or health distracting.  How healthy is your work environment?  Our Well Workplace assessment and recommendations can help you create an environment that leads to healthier lifestyles and a healthy work environment.