This is the easiest decision you will make all day.

Offer a solution.  Create a connection.  Make a change.

Allegro Coaching inspires entire workplaces to happier, healthier and more energized living.  Our onsite, personal coaching programs are simple and effective.  It’s not just a telephone, it’s not just a web tool- it’s personal communication and accountability that goes a step beyond the typical wellness service.

How does Allegro Coaching differ from other providers?

Our team offers an affordable, fun solution to inactivity and poor eating habits- two health risk factors that we can impact.  We make a personal connection and motivate people to make true behavioral change.

The Solution

Allegro Coaching inspires your workplace and employees to happier, healthier and more energized living.  We offer a personalized, comprehensive and integrated SOLUTION, collaborating with existing wellness and benefit partners to maximize your wellness strategies and create a successful and cost effective program.

The Connection

Allegro is not a “one size fits all” approach.  We will personalize our coaching and wellness services based on your employee needs and interest in a way that best fits your corporate culture.  We create the CONNECTION between healthy behaviors, health employees, and a healthy work environment.

The Change

Allegro is about making a CHANGE.  Not just for today.  Not just for tomorrow.  We want to help make change for good.

Our strategies focus on:

  • Onsite Coaching
  • Personalized Approach
  • Ongoing Accountability
  • Cultural Impact & Change

Our coaching and wellness program philosophy is simple:  Change comes with accountability and relationships.  Change comes with providing employees a relevant lifestyle solution.  Change comes with creating a real connection.  We come onsite and meet your employees where they are in the journey.  We listen, we care and we offer solutions that will fit their lifestyle.  We offer hope for healthier living.