We are bringing the structure, accountability, trust, and motivation of Personal Training and making it convenient and attainable for everyone! 

Pricing for 45-minute sessions:

Pressed for time or funds but still want to see results with a trainer? The GPT experience is tailor made programing by a certified personal trainer that’s just right for YOU!  We offer 45-minute group training sessions for you to share with your friends and pocketbook!   Maximize your training and feel the burn!  Sessions are customized to your group’s needs, fitness levels and ability.  Not only are these sessions fun and dynamic, you’ll get more personalized follow-up on nutrition and what you need to be doing outside of the weekly sessions.  You’ll get your own personal trainer…at a fraction of the cost!  Monthly Programs available for groups of 4-6.  For more information please contact Coach Scott at

  • Twice weekly for (1) calendar Month
  • Monthly Enrollment $149.00
  • Comfortable team size of 4-6
  • In-and-Out in 45 min.
  • Pre/Post Self Test And Re-Test (START) Days
  • Pre/Post Squat Assessment Photos
  • Pre/Post Movement Proficiency Self Review
  • Tailor made session programing and lesson plans by your Coach
  • Keep the same group all month
  • Customized Year: Recurring -or- Monthly Enrollment

For more information please contact Coach Scott at

“I love love love GPT!  (I know it may not seem like it), but I am already feeling and seeing changes, love it!  Thank you!!!!”

What didn’t I like!!?! It was great!! Love the team/group feel but also the feeling that you have your own personal trainer who pushes you and provides clear direction all month!”

“I love the the close attention you get on form and modifications in GPT. You become close to your teammates and you push each other which helps a lot and makes you accountable!”