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Client: Ross Finnie

In October 2016 I decided to start making positive changes to my lifestyle. At only 24 I had ballooned to 260lbs and developed chronic lower back pain and sciatica in my left leg. Through mainly diet I lost 30lbs in three months. In January 2017 I decided to try adding strength training to my regimen. The thought of setting foot in a gym for the first time since High School was intimidating to say the least. From the first email with Scott my fears and anxiety were put to rest. Scott has helped me achieve things I never would have thought possible – like running the full length of Central Park (over six miles). In three short months I have lost another 30lbs, lowered my blood pressure and resting heart rate, and reduced the frequency of my lower back pain and sciatica. I have Scott to thank for all of this. From the start Scott has been welcoming, helpful, and encouraging. Most important of all Scott has kept me accountable – going as far as texting me on days off to make sure I wasn’t slacking. If you’re considering increasing your physical fitness I would highly recommend Scott and the more than competent staff at Allegro. I can’t wait to see what the next three months bring! –Ross


Client: Dr. Robyn Hubbard

I have been training with Ryan Pender for over a year and a half. When I started, I was struggling with back problems, I have a herniated disc at L5 that affects the nerve root that goes to my right leg. I have had the injury for 7 years. I was really struggling with referred pain in my right thigh and knee, it affected my everyday activities and my sleep. I tried injections, PT, and anti-inflammatory medications. I started personal training with Ryan, and meet him once a week for an hour. I have to admit, I have not been brave enough to start the classes that Allegro offers! My pain in my leg is almost completely gone! I really appreciate how Ryan understands physiology and meets me where I am each week. Some weeks I am so tight and sore that he really works on myofascial release and stretching. Other weeks he pushes my strength and endurance. It has made a huge difference in my life and I am grateful to have Ryan helping me.


Client: Jamie Smith

I’m enjoying this more than I ever thought possible. I was super nervous to try to get into working out and you are making me love it. I appreciate your patience and encouragement! Thanks Scott! 


Client: Peter Bourland

For 25 years I have wrestled with nagging back pain that won’t go away and has seriously limited my quality of life. I have sought out every type of medical doctor and therapeutic approach you can imagine in order to deal with this. I am happy to write this testimonial today because I can unequivocally say that working with Christian Roberts and Allegro Coaching have been the most helpful step I have ever taken for my back pain. His knowledge, care and ability is as good as it gets.


Client: Mary Jo Jezowski

I was in need of a kick to get myself back into a program. My right shoulder had locked up and was quite painful, I also have arthritis in my right ankle so I had just stopped with my usual routine and had turned into a flabby mess. I had started PT for my shoulder and worked with my therapist and Coach Scott to get back on track. I would meet with Coach Scott once a week and set goals for the following week and have to report back with my results. Coach Scott was fantastic. He was always full of encouragement and held me accountable not allowing me to have excuses to not to keep moving. I would highly recommend using Scott for personal improvement.

Client: Teresa A. Newmarch

When I started working out with Ryan two years ago, I was not in a great place.  I had just sustained a significant injury – ruptured MCL, dislocated kneecap, and broken tibial plateu. (No, I am not a football player!) Even prior to the injury, I had been struggling with depression, was overweight, and found it very difficult to trust my body.  I was getting ready for a trip to Australia, so I wanted to lose some weight and feel better before that adventure. I found Allegro Coaching through my workplace and have been seeing Ryan ever since.

Ryan was very conscious of my level of conditioning and worked to build strength so that I could continue to do more in the future, without injuries, rather than focusing on shedding weight. I cannot tell you the number of times that Ryan would ask me to do something with my response being: “I don’t think I can do that.” One of my favorite qualities of Ryan is that he never lets me get away with things. He will gently but firmly keep me on course until I try whichever maneuver he has assigned to me. Over time, I gained confidence that he would never ask me to do more than my body could take. And, I have enjoyed knowing that my body is capable of more than I could have imagined.

It has made me want to try new things as well. Even if I end up regretting it (until after the workout), he always remembers when I tell him I want to do something. I came in one time having seen a video of a woman doing “around-the-worlds.” She looked so strong with her feet on the bench, while her hands walked the perimeter on the floor. I told Ryan I wanted to try it. Ryan always starts by paying attention to my current fitness status and then prepares my body to work toward the goal. What a wonderful feeling when I can finally do the move! We are working on handstands now. My feet are not away from the wall quite yet, but family and friends have been amazed when I walk into that handstand!

Physical challenges still present themselves, such as plantar fasciitis most recently. When these occur, Ryan takes the time to show me how to manage the issue outside of our session, through stretching and strengthening exercises. I struggle with back pain from time to time. In the past, my back has “gone out” several times. Since starting with Ryan, it has not done so once. Healing through exercise is a beautiful thing!  

While I am not directly involved in a nutrition program with Ryan, he keeps me honest about that arena as well. Every Friday I have a session with him, he asks: “How was your nutrition this week?” We have known each other long enough that he can tell when I’m not being as forthcoming as I should be, so he has been known to ask me twice, probing a little deeper until I share. And, he gets me on the scale so that I can be honest with myself about progress. He listens patiently and understands that it all fits together – mind, body, and spirit.

There has not been a miraculous turnaround for me. But, that has been important for me too – I haven’t given up! I am making progress in both physical fitness and nutrition. When I went to my doctor recently for an annual physical, I confirmed that I have lost 16 pounds since I last saw her. I am stronger, gaining confidence, and moving in the right direction. I feel lucky to have been connected with Ryan on this fitness journey.