Power of Play

I am on my way back from sunny San Diego and enjoying a lovely 4-hour flight back home.  In the midst of traveling bliss, including long lines to pass through security, unhappy workers at Starbucks, and rude business men, I found a moment of pure bliss.  This beautiful little girl, about 18 months old, getting ready to board the aircraft for what looked like her first time and the biggest smile of anticipation from cheek to cheek.  Here she was, running circles around her mom with her new Minny Mouse suitcase and tennis shoes.  I couldn’t help but smiling.  It was just so contagious.  Was I missing my little Ava?  Of course, but it was so much more than that.  When did we lose our sense of play, excitement and carefree attitude?  Aren’t we supposed to be having a little bit of fun in this lifetime?

It was appropriate to ponder as I am coming off an incredible conference with mentor, Todd Durkin and fellow fitness professionals.  We talked a lot about creating fitness programs that are effective but fun.  And that is one of our core values at Allegro Coaching.  If it’s not fun, it ain’t gonna happen.  So, I ask you, when was the last time your workout was fun- made you smile, laugh out loud or teach you something new about your playful self?  If it’s been awhile, head on over to our new line-up of classes at the Allegro Coaching studio, opening in January 2012.  You may not be running circles around me with new tennis shoes, but you’ll definitely leave with a new skip in your step!