Running…Made EASY!

Running! Everyone’s doing it, and there’s good reason why. This awesome cardiovascular exercise reduces your risk of heart disease, boosts your immunity, improves concentration, creativity, and memory, and is a fantastic way to shed unwanted pounds. Here’s the best part: it doesn’t have to be difficult, painful, or boring! Here are some tips for rocking […]

PROACTIVE: “to initiate change rather than reacting to events”

Joel Green, Allegro Coaching “As I pondered the subject of my first blog entry, I couldn’t help thinking of the foundation for my choice to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle: I’d rather live a vibrant, full proactive life than live in such a way as to invite problems that only put faith in a […]

Life is NOT going to Slow Down…Make Time to be Healthy NOW!

Are you someone who would rather read about exercise than do it? Most people understand that being physically active is associated with being healthy, but knowledge is not the biggest sticking point in changing behavior. What is the number one reason people typically give for not being regularly active? Not enough time. Here are ways […]