Life is NOT going to Slow Down…Make Time to be Healthy NOW!

Are you someone who would rather read about exercise than do it? Most people understand that being physically active is associated with being healthy, but knowledge is not the biggest sticking point in changing behavior. What is the number one reason people typically give for not being regularly active? Not enough time. Here are ways to overcome this and other barriers to fit fitness into your life.


Modern life is highly efficient because technology makes tasks easier. For example, wouldn’t you take the elevator instead of the stairs because they are situated at the entrance of the building, rather than around two corridors to the left to even find the stairway? Habits like this contribute to our society’s lack of physical activity. Researchers estimate that stone-aged humans expended about 1,240 calories per day in activity, while the average modern man expends about 555 calories per day.


Even a little bit goes a long way for your health. You can get health benefits from doing only 30-minutes of brisk walking five days each week. And, you don’t have to do it all at once. You could walk the dog in the morning and then take a brisk walk with your coworker for 10-minutes at lunch. Few people can legitimately claim to not have 30-minutes or several blocks of 10-minutes during most days to incorporate some activity.


Fitting it in: Decide whether you are the type who prefers to add scheduled exercise sessions into your day or who will simply commit to making active choices every day (walk rather than drive, take the stairs). Activity must be a priority. “I’ll exercise when I have time” does not work.


Sticking with it. This is called working out with a friend or a personal trainer. It can also work by joining a fitness class at our new studio and being inspired again to take action and stick with it!


Make it convenient. That may mean having your workout clothes with you, choosing a gym nearby, or hiring a trainer to come into the comfort of your own home! Maybe you aren’t willing to bundle up during the winter months to get your daily walk in, but how about having a treadmill at home to use while watching your favorite TV show? Research shows that having exercise equipment at home increases the likelihood that you will exercise.