Goodbye New Year’s Resolution, Hello Healthy Lifestyle!

What does the month of December look like to you? To many this month consists of shopping, family gatherings, parties, the arrival of long anticipated Christmas cookies, and the inevitable stress that comes with it all.

Throughout the years, holiday obligations and events have become greater and greater, and with that comes the added stress of fulfilling one’s holiday expectations. As we know, everyone deals with stress a little differently, but during this time of year, weight gain is the most common in American’s. But don’t worry, the New Year is right around the corner and we will all be making those same New Year resolutions, “to lose weight, and be healthy!”

Are you one of these guilty people, allowing yourself to indulge in cookies and wine at every party? Do you feel you deserve to treat yourself for putting up with all the craziness the holiday has brought you? And let me guess, you’re too busy this time of the year, you just can’t seem to find the time to exercise. Maybe it does sound like a good idea to put off the focus of diet and exercise until the New Year and just enjoy the holiday with one less thing to think about!


This way of thinking is exactly what builds more stress through the holidays and leaves more people discouraged at the start of the New Year. The reality of their inability to stay in control of their eating habits, and keep off the reoccurring holiday weight-gain causes extreme disappointment. In addition to this, it increases a lack of motivation when one is faced with losing 20 pounds instead of their original 10 pounds.

Ask yourself at your next Christmas party when you are offered your 3rd or 4th cookie or glass of wine, “Is overindulging on this going to bring me pleasure or guilt?” Chances are, guilt! I have never heard anyone say, “Yes, I just overate on so many calories, I feel great about myself!”

Focus on making changes this month- changes that lead you to a HEALTHIER lifestyle. I like to emphasize the word LIFESTYLE to many, because a lifestyle is a way of living that reflects our attitudes and values. Is your body and health something you value? You’re reading this blog, so I assume it is. If you truly want this healthy lifestyle, you have got to start living it NOW, not at the start of 2013!


Have a Blessed Holiday Season!

Coach Katie White