Top 12 Nutritious Recipe Sites for You and Your Family

As a busy mom of 2 young girls, I am always looking for new healthy recipes for our family. Last week, I was thinking that I needed to find some new recipes and while doing so, thought how great it would be to share those sites with you.

Also, I encourage those of you who do have little kids to start healthy eating habits now. That is one of the greatest gifts that my Mom gave to me, and that you can give to your children as well. People are often astonished at what my kids will eat, but I started exposing them to healthy eating as babies, and I’d like to believe that is why they eat so well now. When my kids were babies, I would get together weekly with my friend, who is Chinese, and her babies. When I would eat at her house, she would blend whatever we were eating in a blender for her baby, so I decided that is what I would do too. From 6 months of age, my kids were eating anything from mashed avocado to pureed brussel sprouts. Develop those taste buds early!! It’s never too late for you either!

Like anything in life, nutritious eating is a habit. The more your body gets use to eating healthy, the more your body will crave healthy, nutritious foods.

Many of my role models for healthy eating are my friends of other cultures. Asian and Mediterranean diets are some of the most healthy and tasty. My Greek neighbor is always enticing me with spanakopita and steamed dandelion greens that she picks from her yard (and yes, she does wash off the dog pee first!) Included in my list is a Greek recipe site (since I can’t provide you with my Greek church cookbook!)

I hope these recipe sites in one place are helpful. I encourage you to print out your favorites and put them in a binder so they are easily accessible. So, here they are:

1. (the mushroom kale lasagna rolls are one of my faves) this site provides weight watcher points.







8. (don’t let the word vegan scare you; you don’t have to be to try the recipes!)


10. (the red lentil hummus is tasty, for a change from the norm)

11. (search Giada DeLaurentiis, she has many nutritious, tasty recipes)

12. (Spanakorizo is delicious!)


by Lianne Lindner