Buddy Up: Does exercising with a partner help or hurt your exercise routine?

Have you ever had trouble staying motivated to exercise? More than likely you have, everyone losses a little motivation and drive at some point. Well research shows that there may be a solution. People who exercise will workout harder and even longer when they’re in a group or with a partner (That’s why Allegro Coaching is so GREAT!!). The motivation and competition factor that is present when working out with a partner helps people stay motivated and get better exercise. You will likely find having an exercise partner can be helpful to your fitness routine in a number of ways. However, if you believe your exercise partner is detrimental to your health goals or fitness routine, don’t hesitate to get another partner. The following are ways that exercising with a partner can help and hurt your fitness routine.


 Like I said before, exercising with a partner can help keep you motivated. When exercising alone, it is easy to find an excuse to skip a day or two of exercise. When exercising with a partner, you can help each other stay accountable and on track.

 Makes Time Fly

 You may not look forward to exercise. Having someone that you can chat with during exercise will make the work out go by faster and even more enjoyable.

 New Ideas

 Have you ever got sick of doing the same routine in the gym? Working out with a partner can bring new ideas and exercises to your routine.

 When your partner is not helping

More than likely your exercise partner is going to help you reach your exercise goals. However, there are circumstances when they can be detrimental. Largely based on your partner’s personality, if they can’t stay motivated through your encouragement or maybe you two just don’t get alone during exercise, finding a new partner may be your best option.

I encourage everyone to try working out with a partner at some point. You never know, you might just get the best workout of your life.

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