No Time? No Money? Need Help? 5 tips for making cheap, quick and tasty meals!








As a population that has to work a 40 hour week or more just to make ends meet in a family of 3 or more, we don’t exactly have the time nor the money to make an elegant meal. But maybe those elegant meals aren’t even what we want?! Here are 5 simple tips to remember as you think about what you are hungry for and maybe even help you to realize your full cooking potential!

Think Simpler.

Gourmet meals are great, but when we are all in a time crunch, it’s hard to spend all that time in the kitchen to make a meal that will last you 20 minutes or less. Making meals that have 5 ingredients or less take less time, and cut out all of the additives that you would normally find in processed food.

Be Creative with Leftovers.

Sure, no one wants to eat leftover lasagna for lunch every day of the week, but using things like leftover rotisserie chicken, pasta, cut up vegetables, avocado, etc. are simple ingredients that you can make into something delicious! Make a pasta/vegetable/chicken medley with a light vinaigrette dressing for a simple, filling lunch. Leftover ham is always good for a simple ham wrap the next day too!

Plan Out Your Meals. 

Words from the wise…never go to the grocery story hungry. You’ll end up with an overhaul of food (sometimes unhealthy) and end up throwing away most of it after it goes bad. Make a list before hand based off meals you would like to make for the week. You will save time AND money!

Buy in bulk and divide into portions.

Yes, this strategy is mostly a way to cut down on cost. But buying in bulk — anything from vegetables, to meat, to grains — can also cut down on shopping time, so there’s more time left to prepare healthy meals.

Involve Your Kids!

Kids love helping in the kitchen; they are intrigued by the colors and the sizzle of the skillet and the aromas that stem from the room. What better way to teach them the tools of the trade than having them help you with these simpler meals? Allowing them to help could even potentially cut down on cooking time! Double Whammy!

We all have our weeks where we are super stressed and need an outlet; THIS IS IT! Get in the kitchen and enjoy some family time, and some good food!


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