The How-To on Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

As a group of working people such as ourselves, it’s hard to just shut your mind off to all the things that surround you at home, work, and in bed. Screaming children, sirens, snoring of your significant other, and all other types of WHITE NOISE. And what is our solution? We toss and turn and toss and turn until we are restless and our eyes are begging for some rest. Here are a few tips to try out at home, to help put your body and mind at ease so that your lack of sleep won’t effect your work, studying, and other activities of daily life.


1. Mental Imagery – Imagine yourself walking in a new room you have never seen before; picture yourself walking through rooms, and hallways, winding down staircases, or even dialoging with someone else. It stimulates the hormones in your brain to help induce sleep. Who would have thought?!

2. Lower your Core Body Temperature – One of the biggest causes of insomnia is overheating, which makes any human being uncomfortable. Try sleeping in light clothes, and maybe try a shower before bed to allow your body to obtain a peak core temperature and slowly cool down, also inducing sleep.

3. Find that Right Position – Tossing and turning to find the right position is always a tough battle with insomniacs. Really pay attention to positions that begin to pull you into a slumber and try laying in that same position every night before you go to bed. The fetal position is actually one of the most common positions that help with sleep, so give it a shot!

4. Contract and Relax – Just like in yoga and pilates, your body naturally will want to relax by practicing the contract, relax technique. Start from your toes, contracting the toes and then relax; move to the arches of the foot and repeat. Then to the calves, knees, quads, hip/pelvis, etc. all the way to your neck. Focus on the relaxation and breath while doing this exercise. Trust me, your body will thank you.

5. Resist all Temptations – Your body is an amazing thing; when you are ready for bed and get all comfortable, your body “tests” itself to make sure you are ready for sleep. Ever feel your limbs tingling? Slight pressure all over your body? It’s your brain telling your body to “sleep”! Be strong and resist that temptation to scratch that itch or roll over and over. Get comfy and just RELAX.

Give them a shot, try something new; Next thing you know, you may be counting sheep 😀