Week 1 Extreme Transformation: Taking the First Step

With the new expansion at Allegro underway, I thought it would be pretty cool to find a local media person in Grand Rapids to share what we do best at Allegro Coaching- transform lives through fitness and personal training.  Of course, as a business owner, I thought it would help expose us to more viewers, new members and all that other good stuff I should be doing when it comes to smart marketing.

A few weeks after I posted to offer a FREE 12-Week Extreme Transformation (24 personal training sessions, Shakeology, weekly menu planning and nutrition coaching) I got an email from Sarah Brodhead at Fox 17.  Couldn’t believe it.  Not only is this my favorite morning show (watched them religiously in the wee morning hours while my newborn would wake up and need to be rocked back to sleep) and think the entire cast is absolutely hilarious.  I was pumped.

After Sarah and I met, I realized that she is a down-to-earth, fun hearted and an everyday kind of girl.  I also knew that she wanted to do this for all the right reasons and was 100% committed.  One week later, we got started with our first training session at the studio and a new meal plan to get her back on the right track.

As a personal trainer, I want to share my perspective of this program with you, the reader, who may be in the same boat as Sarah.  You want to get started but just not sure where to begin.  I encourage you to join along with us as we progress each week with new exercise goals, nutrition tips and real life breakthroughs to make you laugh, relate to and stay inspired!

#1:  Getting Motivated.  Unfortunately this is not something you can buy on the shelf or borrow from a friend.  In all honesty, you just have to do it.  Once you take action, you’ll see results.  You’ll have more energy, look slimmer, feel stronger and in turn, find the motivation to KEEP going.

#2:  Find a friend to hold you accountable.  You are 3x more likely to stick with a new fitness program if you have someone to keep you honest.

#3:  Sweat more.  Our bodies are creatures of habit.  Don’t get so comfortable in a routine that you forget to challenge yourself.  Sarah needed more than her basic Pilates classes 2x/week so we added 2 more days of cardio on the weekends and 2 days of strength intervals at the studio with me.

#4:  Eat more towards the first half of your day.  With Sarah’s crazy schedule, she needed to have lunch close to 10 am, even though this feels wrong.  But her energy levels were dropping every afternoon.  We moved her dinners up to at least 3 hours before going to bed so she could shift everything more forward in the day.  Your body can metabolize food better at the start of the day and it ignites the process early!

#5.  Replace starchy carbs with veggies.  No, not potatoes and corn but colorful veggies.  Save your starchy carbs for AFTER your workouts only, and in the correct portion size.  Every meal should have a good source of protein and 1-2 servings of vegetables.  Less calories, more nutrient density!