TEMPTATIONS: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Written By Jennifer Fuller


We all try eating better and eating less, but we always seem to feel like we’re fighting a battle we will never win! You see doughnuts as soon as you walk in the office, Your spouse wants a big dinner, and friends have missed you and want to catch up on nothing other than, yep you guessed it — ICE CREAM. How can you resist these temptations when you’re constantly surrounded by them? Let’s break it down.

We all have our temptations, and lord knows we try every way possible to avoid them. Temptations are like children tugging at your pant leg, begging for attention, searching for a home. And who can say no to that face?! We are all far from perfect, but why not engage our creative side and find ways to filter our temptations in a more healthy way? I found of a few ways I have been able to enjoy my temptations without the fear of gaining weight or the guilt!

We all love snacking, so why not bring your own? That doughnut will sound less appealing to a full belly. Stock up your desk with some nutritious snacks that are sure to get you through the day without that sugar filled doughnut. Save the love for what counts! When food is free and at your disposal, we tend to overeat. If we make a conscious choice to save those calories for what we love to eat, your body will thank you.

Who loves happy hour? I know I do! But alcohol as we all know makes us want to eat more. Try to avoid the temptation of a high calorie special, it will be worth the extra $1!

Ever tried cutting something out of your diet and finding out 2 weeks later you’re eating more of it than ever before? Yeah I’ve been there. Brownies and ice cream — Umm YUM! But I found out that eating it in moderation is the best idea ever! You still get the satisfaction, but without the guilt! I don’t know of a single person who doesn’t love ice cream (unless your lactose intolerant, which for that I am sorry). So it’s easy to make ice cream or other devilish delights common ground for a quick catch-up session. But why not go play a game of tennis? Go for a stroll at the nearest park? Play a game of pick-up basketball? If you are as committed to an activity as you are for your love of food, you could do some amazing things to your body and entire sense of life!

A lot of us find ourselves missing out on time with our kids and so we think, how can I prepare a healthy meal without sacrificing time with my family? Turns out you can do BOTH! Get the kids involved in your cooking time! Kids love being involved. They will do anything to be at eye level with you, prepping food just like mommy or daddy. Having them involved will also increase their chances of being interested in a healthy option for their packed lunch at school, or will choose an apple over a brownie for a mid-day snack!