Seeing True Beauty- A Healthy Body Image

Most of the clients I get to coach are women, but for those of you who are not, this STILL applies to you!

Women, in general, are their WORST critic when it comes to seeing themselves as beautiful.  We are so critical of our OWN flaws, but when asked to describe our best friend or co-worker, we point out all of their most positive and beautiful characteristics.  Think about it, when was the last time you wrote down all the things you truly LOVE about you?  This got me thinking about the conversations we have during coaching and how we have a tendency to practice negative self-talk.  It’s true.  We have ongoing conversations with ourselves and if you pause long enough, you will hear that conversation inside.  What does that voice say to you, repeatedly throughout your day?  Is it your greatest cheerleader or your biggest critic?  With more awareness, are you able to shift that conversation to be more uplifting and encouraging, whether that be during your next workout, on your way into work or as you spend the day with family?  I have found it helpful to develop a mantra you say repeatedly through your day- a favorite quote, bible verse, positive affirmation, etc.

Also, at some point in this journey, it is important to stop worrying so much about the number on the scale and accept who you are and the beauty you radiate to others.  Some of the most beautiful, intriguing women I know are not a size 4.  They are amazing, strong and confident women. They are positive and carry themselves with grace.  They don’t dwell on always wanting to lose weight.  They know how to wear clothing that accentuates their best places and they are healthy because they are strong.  Where are YOU this week with accepting your beauty, inside and out?  Are you making progress or still fixated on the scale to define your worth?  Yes, being at a healthy weight is important to your overall health, but being HAPPY is what life is all about.

Recently, I watched a power video that shows how quick we are to point out our flaws and not our natural beauty.  Check this out and share your comments below.  What did it teach you?  Can you relate?

– Coach Kendra