‘Tis the season. Tips to get you through all those holiday parties!

holiday eating 1Deserts, drinks and food, OH MY! Holidays are great, spending time with those we love and celebrating all we have in our lives; however food and drinks always seem to be the focus of every party. It becomes difficult to stay on track and we lose sight of all the hard work we have already put in. We want you to reach your goals and not be set-back over the holiday season, so we have come up with eight simple tips to help you stay on track! Don’t forget to continue to carve out time for yourself to get your workouts in, at Allegro or on your own!

Tip #1 – Never show up to a party super hungry.
Eat something light before you head to the party.

Tip#2 – Drink 1 to 2 glasses of water right before you arrive at the party.
This will help you feel fuller and curb cravings.

Tip#3 – Don’t eat anything at the party for the first 20-30 minutes.
Socialize and have a good time, and avoid standing right next to the buffet table.

Tip#4 – Don’t deprive yourself.
It’s okay to enjoy a treat every now and then, just do so in moderation.

Tip#5 – Choose simple foods packed with protein and fiber.
That way you will be less likely to overeat. Shrimp cocktail, raw veggies, grilled chicken and beef skewers are great party staples to stick with.

Tip#6 – Assorted chilled seafood is a great option.
Shrimp, crab meat, mussels and scallops are all super low in calories and fat.

Tip#7 – An easy way to monitor your portion sizes is to put your foods on a small plate or even a napkin.
You can’t fit as much on a napkin, so you won’t eat as much!

Tip#8 – Once you have had your fill of food at the party, have a piece of gum or mint.
You won’t be as tempted to go back for seconds.

Follow these simple tips and visit us at the studio to stay on track this holiday season!