Written by Coach Kendra

We are coming up on one of my favorite times of the year…..Thanksgiving! Why?

Because THANKSGIVING is a pure American holiday, filled with traditions: family, football, feasting, parades, charity runs, feeding the less fortunate and more feasting. Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pies, oh my!

Every year, I take this month to just GIVE THANKS for all the blessings in my LIFE; in particular the PEOPLE in my life. At Allegro, this is our #livegrateful campaign acknowledging how grateful we are for you each and every day. As well, it serves as a great time to remind you to pay it forward to others alongside us. So many of you have helped me become the person I am today, continuing to INSPIRE and help me IMPACT other people’s lives in a healthy way. And I thank YOU for your laughter, high 5’s, loyalty, belief, mentoring and friendships at Allegro. As I’m often reminded, it’s not WHAT’s in your life….it’s WHO’s in your life that counts. So, as we enter this holiday season, I hope that you will find the time to slow down, simplify and allow some space in your life to reflect on all the many blessings you have in life. Big or small. Share them with your family, or better yet, write a letter to each person in your family, telling them WHY you are so grateful for them in your life.

Give thanks… to your spouse or significant other for their support and love.

Give thanks… to your children, young, grown or nearly born, for it is the sacred co-creation of life that is why we are here.

Give thanks… to your parents if they are still with us, let them know how much you appreciate their love and sacrifice for you.

Give thanks… to your friends, near and far, whom have been there for you, in good times and bad, who have your back.

Give thanks… to your mentors who gave you their precious time, wisdom and guidance; positively IMPACTING your Life.

Give thanks… to your teammates and staff that deliver with you VALUE, SERVICE and LOVE to your cherished customers.

Give thanks…to our first responders, our military, caregivers of the sick and so many working on Thanksgiving for their dedication.

Give thanks… to our clergy, pastors, ministers of faith who pray and shepherd and provide spiritual counseling for so many.

Give thanks…for our way of life, our freedom to choose, our ability to work as fitness/wellness/health professionals, humbling.

Give thanks… to God, your Faith, your higher power, your spiritual center that provides Light, Hope, and Peace for you and in you.

Give thanks … for YOURSELF. For the gifts you’ve been blessed with…For the beautiful journey you are on…For the positive difference you make for so many every day…And for the LOVE you “purposely” practice.

Be sure to show us why you are grateful this month with #livegrateful!