Why personal training?

Written by Ryan Pender: B.S., M.S., NSCA-CPT, CSCS

pt1 If you are reading this blog you must fall into one of these three groups; you are fit, you are trying (or in the process of) getting fit, or you’ve thought about getting fit. No matter which demographic you fall into, I’m glad that you’re reading this because it means you have some bit of curiosity about personal training on your mind. At the very least, you want to find out how it is beneficial and why not only you but everybody should participate in some degree of personal training. I’ll address the three aforementioned groups, hopefully making that spark in your mind ignite a fire under your butt to get started and see that personal training is an incredibly wise investment in your health.

So you’re ready to get your fitness journey started, or at least want to find out how someone can help you? Note the word I used: journey. This means that your path will not be a start-and-stop trip which has a destination. Instead, it will be an ever-changing adventure with new turns, bumps, hills and challenges along the way. If you try to go on this big journey without knowing what to do or why to do it, you will unfortunately meet some failures and disappointments. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you wouldn’t start that journey if you knew you’d fail, would you? I didn’t think so. By meeting with a personal trainer, you are not only meeting with somebody that knows all (and I mean ALL) about what is needed for your journey, but they are on a journey themselves. Fitness, nutrition and wellness is what we live and breathe for. We know when we started our journeys, we have done what works, what doesn’t and we have educated ourselves about all of this so you don’t have to. You’re going on a journey and we are well along the same path with the experience and treachery of our own. We’ve made a road map of what works, let us share that with you to ensure you have the greatest physical and mental success you’ve ever had in your life.

That group is done, now onto you guys and gals who are either on the way to or are already in shape and fit. You go to classes, you may train in a small group, and you may even practice great nutrition to some extent. Now let’s put you into a scenario or two some of you may have been in or will be in at some point in time. Scenario one: you have a really busy schedule (with work, kids, etc.) and you miss classes this week. One week turns into two. Now you’re off the bandwagon altogether. Scenario two: you’re working you butt off doing 2 to 3 classes per day. You’re not really getting the results you (whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, etc.) want and you get frustrated.

So here we go fit people, no matter who you are, we all need accountability from one or more people. For you individuals in the first scenario, your personal trainer will make sure you stay on track and you catch yourself when you trip and stumble from life’s twists and turns. Time with your trainer will almost be like a break from your crazy and stressful schedule. Fitness works so much better when you don’t get off track, so why not make sure you have a professional to hold you accountable and keep you motivated?pt2

Scenario number two, you fit people who are (supposedly) doing everything right. You’ll hear me say a couple things that will be hard to accept, but are true nonetheless. There’s nothing wrong with you and chances are you’re not a genetic anomaly which prevents you from losing weight or building muscle. This may be hard to hear especially if you’ve been working out for a long time, but you might be doing something wrong. Without getting into specifics, if you’ve been working out for a LONG time and you haven’t hit the goals you set out a LONG time ago, you NEED to change something. That something will not be found in a class or small group format. You need specific work with someone who knows your body better than you do. Personal trainers know how to get your body to move the way it’s supposed to, build muscle the way it’s supposed to, and have you feed it the foods you’re supposed to feed yourself to help everything we just mentioned. Not only that, but they will challenge you at everything you need to get better, stronger and pain free so your classes and small group sessions become that much more fun and enjoyable.

There you have it, folks. In a nutshell, your personal trainer is the person and professional who helps you along your long journey, but is also your accountability and expert partner. We are all educated adults (or on our way to becoming such), so we understand the importance of learning, growing and needing people for all of those steps to occur. Your personal trainer can and will be the person you need to improve your physical and mental well-being. Don’t just think of it as a monetary investment, but a personal investment in yourself. Now do yourself a favor…get off your butt and set up an appointment with your trainer!

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