Guilt Free Party Sips

people drinking

The holiday’s often are surrounded by indulgence – big meals, desserts, drinks and more. We get it, it’s hard to say no to that cookie or eggnog. Being healthy isn’t about avoiding everything bad, it’s about making healthier choices. A few swaps and substitutions and you can enjoy those sweet indulgences and save a few calories.

Check out this list of guilt free party sips to help you get through Christmas and New Years Eve with ease! And in case you missed it, avoid going food crazy at your next holiday party with these tips.


Tip #1 
If you are craving a mixed drink, choose one with seltzer or diet soda (calorie free mixers = your friend) and single shot of liquor, like vodka or rum.  Then your whole drink will only run you about 100 calories.

Tip #2 
Avoid those fancy frozen drinks like daiquiris, pina coladas and margaritas. Those can easily contain about 500 calories!

Tip #3  
Skip creamy liqueurs. Those can contain extremely high amounts of fat and calories.

Tip #4 
Don’t be fooled by the juiced based mixed drinks. Cranberry, orange, apple and grape juices can all add about 50 to 75 calories to your cocktail.

Tip #5 
If you are a beer guy or gal, go with light beer and save about 50 calories per drink.

Tip #6 
Remember that tonic water ISN’T sugar and calorie free. Choose diet tonic water or seltzer instead.

Tip #7 
Wine is low in calories – about 120 calories for an average serving and it’s easy to make it last. Save even more calories by drinking wine spritzers (few ounces of wine with seltzer).

Tip #8
Remember, everyone loves a designated driver. No shame in skipping the cocktails and treating yourself to a little more party food!