Motivation on the days when we just aren’t feeling it


motivation 1Written by Coach Kendra. 

We all have days when we just don’t feel like exercising, including myself. But we all need to exercise regularly. Exercise makes you more productive, happier, nicer, more creative, your body feels better and you can move easier. Alas, we all have days when we just don’t feel like it.  So how do you stick with it and get over that “stuck-ness?”

First, set yourself up for success.  I know this sounds obvious, but so many people set themselves up for failure.  They put these huge demands, deadlines and expectations on themselves; things not even possible to accomplish in a 24-hours.  If you want to lose weight or get fit, here are some simple suggestions.

Clean up your environment.

This means your pantry cleaned, organized and filled with healthy foods.  Get rid of trigger foods.   There are certain foods that I just don’t even buy.  If they make their way into the home, I won’t rest until they are gone.  Can you relate?

Set yourself up for success in terms of how you structure your day.

You need to clear something off your calendar that is LESS important in order to exercise, go to the grocery store and plan your meals. Even if it means you feel you are letting someone down.  It needs to be part of your routine.

Get it done before your brain figures out what you are doing.

This is our 5:30 am crowd at Allegro.  And there is something pretty significant with having a morning ritual.  Exercising first thing in the morning sets the tone for your day, gives you incredible energy and is one less excuse mid-afternoon when you just aren’t “feeling” that evening workout.

If my exercise is planned midday or later, create a GO TO playlist. 

Create a playlist to PUMP you up! It automatically hypes you up and makes you happy! This is not the playlist WHILE you work out, but BEFORE.  Dying to know what’s on my playlist?  Comment below and I’ll give you some fun suggestions!

Just do five minutes. 

Begin your workout. Set your timer on your phone and after five minutes if you are not feeling it, give yourself permission to throw in the towel.  But after my first five minutes of exercise all my hormones, endorphins and blood are flowing into my muscles and I feel GREAT! I can pretty much guarantee the first five minutes is the toughest part.  So stick with it and just START.

Add accountability. 

It’s never too late to add accountability to your goals.  Especially when you feel like you have failed at your goal, add to it…layers of it.  It works.  It gets teenagers to show up to a big brick building and study every night; if we can get teenagers to be accountable then we can certainly do it as adults!  First, find an accountability partner, someone who won’t let you off the hook on the days when you don’t feel like it. It can be your spouse, your kids, your best friend. Give them permission to keep you accountable.

Focus five feet out in front of you.

I remember last fall when I trained for my half marathon.  I love running, I really do.  But as the weeks went by, knowing I had a 12 mile or 14 mile run ahead of me was daunting; even overwhelming.  It reminded me of my high school track coach telling me to “just focus five feet out in front of you.”  The same is true with your fitness goals.  Just keep looking a little further ahead of you rather than think about how big and arduous this goal is.  Think about the next five.  The next five pounds, next five days, next five workouts. And just keep going.

Focus on your mindset.

It is unbelievable how much power you have over your life, your attitude and whatever you hope to accomplish.  A favorite quote of mine by Brian Tracy explains, “The law of concentration states that whatever you dwell upon, it grows.  The more you think about something the more it becomes part of your reality.”  If you decide that you are low on energy and feel lethargic, you will continue to feel more tired all day long.

People always ask me, “Kendra how do you get your energy?”  The truth is I get my energy from my mindset.  I will think about something that I am looking forward to and that gives me physical energy.  I think of things that make me happy and make me feel I can do anything.  And then I just tell myself over and over that I have a lot of energy.  And that just becomes my reality.

For more tips on mindset, check out our podcast “Ready, Mindset, GO!” on iTunes.

Now, ready, set GO – towards reaching your goals and becoming a better YOU in 2016.