Farmers Market Frenzy

farmers market 1

Farmers Markets can be a wonderful way to find fresh, often organic, foods; along with other fun, unique goods. After going once, you’ll be hooked. But if you’ve never been, here are some great tips to follow!

First things first, you need to find a farmers market. You might be surprised how close one is to your home or work. Check out Local Harvest to see what’s near you!


Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to shop at a farmers market!

Tip #1: Bring cash
Most farmers markets are cash only. While some might accept credit cards, it’s unlikely.


Tip #2: Timing
Timing is everything. If you want the biggest selection and freshest produce, arrive right at opening. Shopping later, however, allows you to barter with the vendors, most do not want to take home their products.


Tip #3: Check everything out first
Make a loop around the entire farmers market first. You don’t want to get to the end of the market, find something you’d love to try and have no cash left! As well, some of the vendors may be selling the same items, so don’t be afraid to price shop.

If you expect to be at the market for a while, make your larger purchases towards the end of your trip so you do not have to carry them around.


Tip #4: Be prepared
Vendors may not always have bags on hand, so it is best to come prepared with your own bags and containers. As well, it’s never a bad idea to have a cooler with ice in your vehicle to keep everything fresh; especially if you’ve got a long drive home or other places to stop.


Tip #5: Buy in season
You can get some of the best tasting in-season foods at farmers markets. Check out this great, frequently updated list from The Rapidian to see what is in-season when.


These are just a couple simple tips to get you through a farmers market. You’d be surprised by the fun items you can find and great deals on foods you frequently purchase at the grocery store.  Plus, if you have kids, they’ll LOVE walking around, talking with farmers and learning new things.
Not sure what “organic” means or why you should purchase organic? Check out our blog “What’s up with this “organic” food?” for helpful information.