Sometimes, we need a kick in the butt to get ourselves moving again.  A 30-day program, a 12-week challenge, you name it.  But once we lose the weight, how do we keep it off….forever?  You see, the statistics are pretty disheartening in the industry.  While the health and wellness industry continues to boom to over $10 Trillion per year, the number of individuals who lose weight and keep it off one year later?  Only about 1-2%.  We want to help you go from program to lifestyle.  We want you to keep the weight off and embrace new habits for life!  Check out these practical tips to live by, especially as we head into the busy holiday season ahead:
1.  Self-Monitor.  Every individual who keeps the weight off long term will monitor their weight and their food, at some level.  Whether that be an app like Myfitnesspal, Weight Watchers or measuring our portions of food once a month, you have to get back to basics.  Weight loss is about taking in less calories and expending more so find a system that can give you honest feedback from month to month!
2.  Watch your home environments:  Hard but necessary.  Even if you have kids at home, don’t use them as an excuse to bring junk food into the house.  30% of success is a product of your environments so control what you can and don’t let temptations surround you at night.
3.  Hire an accountability coach:  Based on multiple research studies, individuals who met with a weight loss coach, once a month, were 3x more likely to keep the weight off and stay on track.  It’s good to have fresh perspective and someone to report your goals to!
4.  Stay active!  The BEST way to keep the weight off is through exercise; specifically, strength training.  Even just 2-3 times per week of lifting weights, body weight or active yoga will help keep lean muscle on your frame (and your metabolism strong from year to year!)
5.  Create a strong social army!  Your attitudes, behaviors and thoughts will be the most like the five people you spend the most time with.  Add people into your social circle who value health and will be a positive influence in your life.
6.  Establish non-negotiables!  No matter the day, what is ONE thing you can stick with no matter what?  64 ounces of water before drinking anything else?  A healthy breakfast every morning?  What can you commit to and feel great about for the rest of your life?
7.  Master your bookends:  People who keep the weight off tend to have an earlier start to the day and go to bed earlier.  They take the time before work or at night to practice self care….exercise, meditation, journaling, personal development.  Which bookend can you improve over the holidays?
8.  Invest in your health.  Yes, you DO have to keep investing in yourself….sign up for big goals like a 5K, a gym membership, a running club, a cooking club.  How you spend your time and money shows what you value most in life.
9.  Be realistic.  Don’t allow one bad day or one bad meal to throw you completely off course.  It’s not about perfection.  Allow for some splurges and fun in life but then get right back on track, or BALANCE it with an extra hard workout or great food the next day.  One day at a time!
10.  Stop viewing health as an obligation.  It’s a gift we have been given.  Change your perspective from “have to” to want to…..move because you can and be grateful for the health you have, every step of the way!