Choose Hard

Choose Hard.


90% of Americans are complacent in life.  Why?  It’s easy and it’s what is being pushed on us.


We live at the warp speed of our smart phones (not sure they are really all that smart but we can’t leave home without them.)  We hear a “ping” and our entire mindset is distracted.  It’s actually been proven to be addictive, more so than drugs.


We are surrounded with choices that provide instant gratification and can help us feel better in the moment.  Feeling stressed?  Overwhelmed?  Angry?  Choose Amazon, choose the local drive thru, Grub Hub or Shipt shopper.  We actually never need to actually leave our house anymore- it can all be done online and at the click of a button.


Easy is what our culture wants us to buy into.  We have unlimited access to processed foods, frozen pizza, candy and alcohol.  Why cook when you can just nook?  Why meal plan when you can just hire a mail delivery service to do it for you?  Why outfit plan when you have Stitchfix to do it for you?  (Okay, I digress, but you understand, right!?)


Living healthy is HARD.  It is the hardest thing you will ever do. 


You will have to make a grocery list.  You will have to figure out what meals you need for family dinners and lunches during the day.  You will have to physically go to the store, pick out colorful veggies and put them in plastic bags.  You will have to then go home, take them out of plastic bags and chop them up for the week ahead.  You will have to spend a few hours on the weekends getting your meals set up, whether that be chicken, soups, salads or snacks.  You will have to have difficult conversations with your kids or spouse about why there is no longer junk food in your pantry.   You will have to carve out time each day to move your body when you feel exhausted from work.  You will have to keep drinking water when you are sick of going to the bathroom all day long.  You will have to go to bed when you want to watch just one more episode on Netflix or scroll social media to numb the pain of feeling alone.


You will have to keep choosing hard when that damn scale gives you zero feedback.  When you did all the right stuff but you still feel ugly, tired or alone.


And why?  Why choose hard, when it’s so much easier to just give in and go with the flow of those around us?


Because we only get one shot at this thing called life. 


And you only get one chance to the be the best version of you. 


When you choose healthy, you choose hundreds of options in front of you.  When you choose easy, you choose to be mediocre and fit in with everyone around you.


Why not be different?  Why not make a difference?  This world certainly needs people who are kinder, happier, healthier and more confident.  And I guarantee your world of humans needs someone who is kind, happy, healthy and confident too.


Choose hard.  Choose healthy.  Choose YOU.  One day at a time.