More Than Just Fitness.

Allegro means “fast and fun” as a musical term. Our mission and passion at Allegro is to coach you farther than you ever thought possible, give you the results you desire, and empower you to create long term change. In your health and wellness goals, you can expect more than just a personal trainer — you can expect someone who is your #1 fan, advocate and partner in the journey ahead. In fitness, you can expect your workouts to be fun (yes, we said it!) and see results much faster than on your own.

But it’s more than just fitness. At Allegro, we do believe that physical conditioning is at the center of it all. But when you combine commitment to a program and to yourself, conditioning of the body/mind/spirit, and connecting in positive ways with great people, you get creation. When you are in the best shape of your life, eating right, sleeping well, and feeling great, that’s when you achieve an energy shift. Your energy can be directed toward creation. And you can CREATE whatever you want. That’s when you create your story and TRANSFORM your life.

Who We Are

There are (3) unique aspects to our business at Allegro Coaching. We are Boutique Studio located in West Michigan, which offer over 40 large group classes per week, small group training and 1-1 training options for all fitness levels and ages. We also provide a full line of onsite corporate wellness services to West Michigan businesses, including health coaching, team challenges, biometric screenings and more. Our third arm of the business includes Community - a sense of friendship and family among our members and staff.   Our team of coaches and instructors are some of the most seasoned in Grand Rapids and we pride ourselves in delivering world-class programs and training. Click here to read more about our dynamic team at Allegro!


Eastown: 1422 Robinson Road SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506