2019 Allegro Transformation Challenge


At Allegro, we believe there is more to health and wellness than just nutrition and exercise. Of course those two components play a huge roll in overall well-being, but it is extremely important to channel your mind, body, and soul as one. It’s easy to focus on one component and forget about the rest, and that’s why we’ve created the Allegro Transformation Challenge — to highlight the holistic approach to health and wellness.
Upgrade your life–mind, body, and soul in 2019. Make it your best year yet!

🔴What is the Allegro Transformation Challenge? >>
The Allegro Transformation Challenge is a 12-week program that has been designed to help motivated individuals upgrade their lives with a specifically tailored nutrition, coaching, and mindfulness program.

🔴What is included in the ATC? >>
-Unlimited access to health coach
-Coach + client paired together based on fitness level, personality, needs, schedule, and goals
-12 week Unlimited Class Pass
-12 coaching hours to be used as as coach and client see fit (personal training, telephonic coaching, etc) This year it is not JUST 1-1 personal training but highlighting everything from health coaching, nutrition education, coach accountability, group support and weekly goal setting!
-JUST ADDED! Brain Health Coaching with Brain Health Advocate, Julie Otte
-12 weeks of personalized brain health coaching and growth with pre/during/post assessments for you to see how much work you’ve done to grow your brain
(Available to the first 5 to register/chosen for the Allegro Transformation Challenge) Discount offered there-after
**Value: $1,200!**
-Strategically designed programming from Coach
-(1) 30-minute telephonic nutrition session with our Registered Dietitian
-Access to unlimited FIT3D Proscans – One-Stop Body Composition and Wellness Assessment Technology
-Mentorship from 2018 ATC Participants; Casey, Tres, Michelle
-Weekly motivation + updates via Email from Coach Alyssa
-An opportunity to win a 6 Month Membership to Allegro Coaching and 2 bonus loyalty sessions – massage or PT.

‼️$2, 949VALUE!‼️

Cost: Two installments of $199
(upon acceptance into program)

🔴Who is the ATC for? >>
10 motivated individuals that are ready to TRANSFORM THEIR LIFE.

🔴When does the ATC begin? >>
-January 21, 2019 – April 14, 2019

🔴How do I get involved? >>

Application process:
-Completion of the Allegro Transformation Challenge Application
-1-2 minute video as to how this program would transform your life
-Applications DUE by EOD January 14th, 2019.
-Participants chosen on January 15th, 2019.
-All applicants contacted by January 16th, 2019.
-Application and video must be sent to Coach Alyssa at alyssa@allegrocoaching.com by the end of day on January 14th, 2019.


Extreme Transformation, Exceptional Progress!

It has been almost a month since Sarah and I started the Extreme Transformation Program.  We set some big goals because I know she can achieve every single one.  Goals to lose weight, start running again, wiggle her toes on the beach in confidence, feel great about her body.  I hate the scale, I’ll be honest.  Too many of us define ourselves and our progress by this single reading (which fluctuates even by thinking about eating that piece of chocolate, right?)  So, as a trainer, I use this number sparingly because there are so many other things to measure when it comes to our health.

One of the toughest parts about starting a weight loss program is not seeing results as quick as we want- especially when we do it the healthy way vs. a crash-course or starvation diet.   I hear this all the time from my clients and they often give up just before the results come.  It’s takes time and patience.  I say this because Sarah and I had to talk through this frustration last week.

When it comes to weight loss, you need a good mix of both cardio and strength training to maximize results.  Cardio workouts, such as running, spinning or boxing will burn a ton of calories during the workout itself, depending on how intense the session is.  Strength training burns less calories during the actual session but fires up your “after burn” post workout so you continue to burn more calories the rest of the day.  And by no means does lifting weights make you bulky.  It takes a ton of energy for your body to add muscle. During the initial stages of any kind of intense training, especially one you’re not used to, your body releases excess amounts of the hormone cortisol, which causes your body to retain water. Some people think this means they are bulking up when, in reality, it’s just the body adapting to the training. It happens whether you are trying to gain or lose weight and has nothing to do with gaining actual muscle mass. Once your body adapts to the new training, the cortisol release ceases and your body flushes the excess water.  And then you start to look slammin!

The key to weight loss is to change your metabolism. While it’s easier to alter your metabolism through weight training than cardio, both will do it if the workouts are well designed. The word you’re looking for to make this happen is intensity. By that, I mean you need to force your body to work in the anaerobic realm. Because your body depends on air to live, forcing it beyond its ability to breathe causes it to release performance-enhancing hormones to survive. When done consistently, these hormones change your metabolism.

So, when the numbers on the scale are not changing, don’t you dare give up.  Remember that there are a lot of things going on inside your body to prep for this big moment.  Let your clothing, not the scale, be your guide, especially if you’re exercising; muscle is more dense than fat, so if you’re exercising a lot, the numbers may stay the same while you find you need to tighten your belt a notch. If you follow a sensible and consistent weight-loss regimen, you will probably begin to see some results in a couple of weeks — no matter how small, let them be the motivation you need to keep going.

When Sarah began, she was not jogging at all, could only do 10 push-ups and a 15 second plank in the TRX.  Now, she is training for a 5K in September (doing a 4 minute/2 minute interval jogging program for 45 minutes, 3x per week), 20 push-ups and a 1 minute plank in the TRX.  And she has one proud trainer by her side!

Don’t let a number define you-be active, be healthy, be happy.




Week 1 Extreme Transformation: Taking the First Step

With the new expansion at Allegro underway, I thought it would be pretty cool to find a local media person in Grand Rapids to share what we do best at Allegro Coaching- transform lives through fitness and personal training.  Of course, as a business owner, I thought it would help expose us to more viewers, new members and all that other good stuff I should be doing when it comes to smart marketing.

A few weeks after I posted to offer a FREE 12-Week Extreme Transformation (24 personal training sessions, Shakeology, weekly menu planning and nutrition coaching) I got an email from Sarah Brodhead at Fox 17.  Couldn’t believe it.  Not only is this my favorite morning show (watched them religiously in the wee morning hours while my newborn would wake up and need to be rocked back to sleep) and think the entire cast is absolutely hilarious.  I was pumped.

After Sarah and I met, I realized that she is a down-to-earth, fun hearted and an everyday kind of girl.  I also knew that she wanted to do this for all the right reasons and was 100% committed.  One week later, we got started with our first training session at the studio and a new meal plan to get her back on the right track.

As a personal trainer, I want to share my perspective of this program with you, the reader, who may be in the same boat as Sarah.  You want to get started but just not sure where to begin.  I encourage you to join along with us as we progress each week with new exercise goals, nutrition tips and real life breakthroughs to make you laugh, relate to and stay inspired!

#1:  Getting Motivated.  Unfortunately this is not something you can buy on the shelf or borrow from a friend.  In all honesty, you just have to do it.  Once you take action, you’ll see results.  You’ll have more energy, look slimmer, feel stronger and in turn, find the motivation to KEEP going.

#2:  Find a friend to hold you accountable.  You are 3x more likely to stick with a new fitness program if you have someone to keep you honest.

#3:  Sweat more.  Our bodies are creatures of habit.  Don’t get so comfortable in a routine that you forget to challenge yourself.  Sarah needed more than her basic Pilates classes 2x/week so we added 2 more days of cardio on the weekends and 2 days of strength intervals at the studio with me.

#4:  Eat more towards the first half of your day.  With Sarah’s crazy schedule, she needed to have lunch close to 10 am, even though this feels wrong.  But her energy levels were dropping every afternoon.  We moved her dinners up to at least 3 hours before going to bed so she could shift everything more forward in the day.  Your body can metabolize food better at the start of the day and it ignites the process early!

#5.  Replace starchy carbs with veggies.  No, not potatoes and corn but colorful veggies.  Save your starchy carbs for AFTER your workouts only, and in the correct portion size.  Every meal should have a good source of protein and 1-2 servings of vegetables.  Less calories, more nutrient density!

Week 1: Let the Journey Begin!

Allow me to introduce myself. Wait, that’s too formal already and I am definitely not formal. My name is Sarah Brodhead. I’m just another hard-working lady who loves summer, wine, shopping, a girlie movie you could watch at least a 100 times, oh and wine. I’ve lived in Grand Rapids for the last five and half years working the fourth shift as I like to call it. I co-anchor FOX 17 Morning News weekdays from 5-9 a.m. One of the most common questions I get is when do you have to go to bed and when do you wake up. I usually try and get to bed by 8:30 p.m. at the latest and the first alarm clock goes off at 1:45 a.m.; I’m at the news station at 3:00 a.m. to start my workday.


I’m telling you what my schedule is like because it makes working out and eating healthy a true challenge. I’ve always tried to eat healthy and workout when I can; that seemed to be doing the trick up until a little friend named Metabolism stopped by and decided to slow down to the pace of a snail…on a good day.


I’m going to turn 30 in December and I don’t know if it was that scary number or the viewer who will remain anonymous who tweeted me asking me if I was expecting about a month ago. (I’m not btw) Bottom line, I need to make a change in my life and it needs to be one that lasts. I’ve never really had to worry about my weight until about three years ago. My sister and niece were killed in a car accident and I lost a lot of weight really fast during the grieving process. I gained it back and then some and ever since then it’s been impossible to get back on track.


That’s where Allegro Coaching comes into play. Coach Kendra has offered to put me through an “Extreme Body Transformation.”  It’s 12-weeks of personal training, menu planning and quite honestly, the kick in the rear I need to get moving again.  I know it’s not going to be easy and knowing me, I’ll probably get discouraged and want to give up after a month. Quitting is not an option. I’m doing this because for once in my life I want to be able to wear a bikini and not nestle myself into the sand for hours without moving or standing up. I want to get into Lake Michigan for the very first time and feel confident.


So if you’re reading this…it’s supposed to be a blog of my extreme body transformation. But I’ll be honest; I’ve never blogged about anything before so these posts are going to be anything but formal. I want to be open with you guys because I know how hard it can be to get up and motivate yourself to make a change.


Hopefully with some hard work, a meal plan and a ton of dedication I can stop being tired, stop asking if I look fat in this and finally feel how fabulous life is supposed to feel.