Health Coaching

Personalized support for those who need an extra nudge.

What we do best at Allegro is coaching. Using motivational interviewing and goal setting, we focus on the determinants of health behaviors like emotion, motivation, stress, time management, and effective planning to ensure lasting behavior change and improve both physical and mental health. Programs can be customized to your wellness needs and budget but here are the services that are most effective with our current wellness partners.

Unlimited Health Coaching

We are slightly obsessed with health coaching, mainly because we know how effective it can be. Give your employees unlimited access to coaching for an entire year! Whether they want just a few sessions to jump start their weight loss goals or strategize a few months of cholesterol reduction. Our coaches will contact all employees quarterly to improve engagement. We guarantee results and positive feedback, along with a year-end report of client testimonials and utilization!

Results-Based Health Coaching

Let us collect your annual physical forms and coach individuals who are at risk for high cholesterol, high glucose, high blood pressure, unhealthy weight or tobacco usage. Each individual will receive (3) coaching calls to meet them where they are in their readiness to change. Our team of coaches serve to encourage and provide high-level education and resources to support change, when ready. Includes aggregate reports and presentation.

Why Weight Personal Weight Loss Coaching

This 12-week comprehensive and personalized weight management program leverages weekly telephonic health coaching and onsite personal connection. Participants go through a comprehensive intake process to determine their readiness to change. Each individual receives onsite pre and post fitness assessments, high touch coaching sessions and personalized goal setting to deliver BIG results.