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Welcome to a new way to look at FOOD….


Weigh Beyond doesn’t “tell” you what you should eat.  Instead, it helps you learn what you should eat and WHY.  Once you have that knowledge, you will be in full control over the food choices you make every single day!


Weigh Beyond is a 12-week weight loss program that can be delivered onsite, online or a combination of both.  Group size is limited to 15 participants or less so it feels personalized every step of the way.  You’ll receive (1) facilitator from Allegro Coaching who will be your personal coach from beginning to end.


Each week, your facilitator will empower you with weekly, hands-on lessons, weigh-ins and celebrations.  We’ll use our time to share goals accomplished and any setbacks or challenges within the group.  Together, we can tackle anything!


While participants will lose weight and see results with Weigh Beyond, this is about so much more than just weight loss.  It’s about gaining consistency, a strong mindset, a renewed confidence and a way of life we can live with long term.


Are you ready to schedule a 20-minute consultation to learn more about how Weigh Beyond can fit within your workplace wellness program?  We’ve priced out this program so EVERYONE can have access to the best education, coaching and results possible!  Our mission is to help individuals live healthier because we believe living healthy means living happier.


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