Why Allegro Coaching?


A different strategy.

Let’s face it. Traditional approaches focus too much on health risk and not enough on health behavior—too much on information and not enough on inspiring action.

At Allegro, we take a different approach. Our staff offers an affordable, fun solution to inactivity and poor eating habits - two health factors we can impact. We make a personal connection and motivate people to make behavioral changes. We offer high-level programming with a high level of customer service and customization. After all, it’s your program so let us work for you!

Our wellness philosophy centers around coaching. Our high- touch coaching programs will give your employees the skills, the strategies and the motivation to create change, at their pace. It can be done onsite or via phone, based on the needs of your employees. Coaching is the missing ingredient needed for long term behavior change and is more affordable than you think.

Yes, we help people lose weight and gain strength, but we make our greatest impact when we empower them to make positive changes that t their lives. We help clients with activities and foods that fuel their bodies for success. We focus on total self-care, using tools such as mindfulness and stress reduction. We offer hope for a healthier future.

At Allegro, we encourage the physician-patient relationship. As experts in coaching, fitness, and nutrition, we acknowledge our limitations in healthcare and promote the annual visitation to an expert in medicine. Our philosophy is to let providers do what they do best while we focus on what we do best–enhancing your corporate culture and promoting healthy lifestyles.