At Allegro, we want you to be successful with your fitness and nutrition!  After all, you can’t out-train a bad diet.  Our philosophy is simple.  Eat food, mainly plants, and not too much.  We believe nutrition has the power to give you energy and the power to heal.  It’s less about counting calories and more about being mindful and aware of what you put on your plate.  We want to teach you how to fall in love with good food and quick ways to prepare food at home or on the go.  Our coaching programs focus on clean eating and giving you practical strategies and meal plans that are customized for you.  And that is why we align ourselves with Shakeology®.  It is a nutrient-dense superfood shake that delivers all your macronutrients, micronutrient, and greens in one easy meal….plus 70+ superfoods.  And best of all?  It’s cheaper than your daily Starbucks or Subway fix!

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We have several awesome options to get started with at Allegro.  We’ve got quick jump-start programs to 1-1 personal coaching for specific dietary needs.  Let’s do this!


Do you need a jump start to feel accomplished and empowered in your fitness program?

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Do you want to clean up your diet? Do you want lasting results? It will happen if you commit to 21 days. We have packaged up success and this program lays out each step for you. You deserve three weeks focused on YOU!

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Do you desire someone to help you fine-tune your nutrition goals to align with your overall health and fitness? Do you feel stuck with your weight loss goals and not making any progress? Nutrition coaching is for YOU!

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