• Yup, masks are required at all times: We know…it’s not ideal but we are going to be limiting our indoor classes to low-impact workouts for now, including FUSE, LIFT and A-FIT. For all of our boxing classes, you will NOT be required to wear a mask as stations are set up both indoors and outdoors.  Please make sure your mask properly covers your mouth and nose at all times!


  • Station Based Classes: Upon arrival, we ask that you disinfect your hands immediately.  All members will be asked a brief health questionnaire and be given a temperature check.  Upon successful check-in, your Allegro instructor will then direct you to a station that is already set up for you.  Please do not walk to your own station or grab any equipment.  All classes will be station based, meaning no more circuits, partner workouts or sharing of equipment.  Spots are marked on the floor to ensure 6-8 feet of safe social distancing.
  • No-Show Policy: Please be respectful of the limited spots we have available for class.  All indoor classes are limited to 10 participants at this time.   Failure to cancel a reservation at least 3 hours prior to the start of class and not show up for class will result in a $10 no show fee.


  • Class Time:For the safety of our staff & clients, no one will be permitted to enter the studio once the class has started. If you are not in class by the time it starts, you will be marked as a no show. Please stay for all of the class, including the cool-down, so that we can ensure all props are cleaned thoroughly.


  • Ventilation: We cannot afford to put in a brand new HVAC system at this time, however, we will keep doors open as much as possible and keep fans on throughout the day to circulate the air quality.


  • Water Fountains: Access to the water fountains will not be available for use; please be sure to remember your own water bottle. The front smoothie bar or communal area will no longer be accessible to members for washing hands.  We ask that you use the restroom to wash your hands.


  • Yoga Mats: Mats will no longer be available for classes or personal training.  Please be sure to bring your own mat and if you need one, please support us directly and purchase one of our brand new mats in-house!


  • Gym Hours: The facility will be open for classes and personal training only.  There will be no front desk hours during the week so that we can have more dedicated cleaning times available.
  • Team members: All employees, including instructors and personal trainers, will be required to have a temperature check upon arrival, maintaining a temperature of less than 100.0 F.  Masks will be required for all group instructors at this time.


  • Cleaning: We have enhanced our weekly cleaning procedures by hiring in a cleaning crew two times per week.  This will ensure all of our shared surfaces, floors and bathrooms stay squeaky clean for all of you!


What can YOU do to help?

  • If you are sick, stay home. If you have a temperature stay home. If someone in your house is sick, stay home. If you have allergies and can’t control sneezing, stay home.
  • Use our outdoor or virtual classes when you can!
  • Pre-plan your workout routine to avoid lingering/socializing to allow other members to workout due to reduced occupancy/distancing.
  • Limit the items you touch within the gym to only the items you will use.
  • Avoid touching equipment that is not at your assigned station.
  • Wash your hands before and after you leave the building if possible. If not, use hand sanitizer when you enter and before you leave the building.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other members and employees when walking throughout the gym to the extent possible.