Kendra Bylsma

Kendra is a mom, wife and fitness enthusiast!  A native to Grand Rapids, she graduated from Calvin College with a BA in Exercise Science and played 4 years of collegiate basketball. She was recently nominated as a Distinguished Alumni and provides oversight and direction to all the corporate coaching models, product development and producing “one of a kind” results as a personal trainer.   She does a variety of community presentations and corporate consulting in addition to teaching group fitness and 1-1 training’s at the studio.  She started Allegro Coaching in 2009 with a goal to help clients transform their lives and their mindset through fitness.

Michelle Dawes

Coach Michelle has diverse experience in health and wellness. She earned an MS in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University and has extensive experience in a range of group fitness classes including cycling, Pilates, yoga, strength, TRX, kettlebell and circuit type classes. While Michelle comes from a fitness background, she is passionate about holistic health and wellness, believing that thriving includes a healthy body, mind, and sprit, which has led to her become a Wellcoaches Certified Health Coach! As a health and wellness coach, Michelle strives to help clients develop “tools” to create sustainable behavior and/ or mindset changes by focusing on the positives, utilizing client’s strengths, helping clients discover their intrinsic motivation, and aiding clients in moving toward their wellness vision through SMART goals.

Tracie Sanford

Coach Tracie is a Registered Dietitian with many years of experience in the area of clinical nutrition and working in hospitals. She has moved into the world of wellness to help impact people's lives before they go to the hospital and require her services. She is a mother of three pre-teens, a wife, and an avid runner. She believes that nutrition guidance should come from a place of research and sound science instead of the "shock and awe" world we often live in.

Chad Steinenger

Chad earned his BS in Therapeutic Recreation at Calvin University (formally Calvin College). While working as an Activity Therapist, Chad gained a deeper love and passion for health and wellness. Through his self-exploration to gain greater quality of life and seeing his own health improve, he discovered his true passion for helping others work towards their goals of health and wellness. Chad is a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. He also is a group instructor, Certified in Schwinn and Core de Force (kickboxing). Chad also loves to teach strength and HIIT classes.

Melissa Hembroug

Melissa grew up in northern Michigan where she excelled in basketball, volleyball & softball. Playing sports year-round began a foundation for fitness, eventually turning it into a passion and desire to help others reach their own health and fitness goals. Melissa is an ACE certified personal trainer and also certified in TRX, LESMILLS BODYPUMP, GRIT, and High Fitness! In her current role as a personal trainer with Allegro, Melissa enjoys pushing clients to be their best by setting an example in her own personal fitness. She practices what she preaches and expects her clients to follow suit. This busy mom of two teens loves going to the beach with her family and watching movies.  Her goal for her family is the same as it is for her clients – to help give them practical information to live healthy and establish disciplines to make that a reality.

Jess Welch

Coach Jess has a BS in Clinical Exercise Science and Psychology. She is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches, ACSM, as well as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist. She is the Director of Health Coaching at Allegro Coaching. Committed to always learning and staying up to date on the science of behavior change, Jess just completed a fellowship with the National Cancer Institute in Maryland conducting research on the emotional and social predeterminants of health behavior (tobacco usage, physical inactivity, dietary habits). She is driven and excited about healthy behaviors, particularly in the corporate setting. She helps manage corporate accounts, assists with corporate consulting, data management, corporate coaching, and onsite presentations. She is also the lead tobacco-specific coach for Allegro Coaching.

Christina Abraham

Coach Christina comes from a very well-rounded background in health and wellness. Coming from a corporate career in communications, Christina went on to complete an MS degree in health and wellness management. She has experience teaching a number of group fitness classes including TRX, Kettlebell, strength, and circuit classes. She also completed a 200-hour yoga teaching certification with an emphasis is meditation and holistic medicine in Peru. Her approach to health coaching incorporates all aspects of holistic wellness stretching beyond the traditional facets of fitness and nutrition. Christina is passionate about encouraging people to take the first step to create sustainable change in their lives, working to motivate them and keep them accountable.