“I have thought that health meant diet and exercise, and I've always done those on my own. It was great to have my coach as a cheerleader, resource, and guide to go with me through figuring out what short to long term health goals were right for me, adjust when needed, and remind me to celebrate when I hit them.”

-Beth DeGraaf, Virtual Coaching Participant

“I have loved working with my health coach, Jess! She listened to the struggles I've had on my wellness journey, and let me choose what to focus on during the course of our 12 weeks. She helped me set simple goals each week, and sent me resources and encouragement in between calls. I didn't have to make drastic changes to my diet or work out until I collapsed. After our last call, I felt improvement in strength, flexibility, and energy, and I've lost 12 lbs. I am more confident in my ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle moving forward. Thank you Jess and Allegro Coaching for launching me into a healthier season in life!”

                                                                                    -Molly Towne, Virtual Coaching Participant

“I lost 29 lbs after joining the Why Weight [another of our coaching programs for corporate wellness] program at my company. It was an eye-opener for me...and a game changer! Everyone should invest in this for level of coaching for long term results!" 

-Rick Rusco, Coaching Participant

“I lost 24 lbs and was able to cut my cholesterol medication in half. And now, I have the tools to continue on my own and inspire my family to be healthier.” 

                                                                                    - Clay Reed, Coaching Participant

"I have nothing but good things to say about Scott and Allegro. I'm down 16 lbs, have lost a lot of inches, my clothes fit better, I have more energy and strength, and just overall feel better. I'm looking forward to retirement and continuing to work with Scott and Allegro to maintain my goal. Thank you, I could not have done it alone!”   

                                                         - Pat Huizenga, Virtual Coaching Participant