We have solutions for every budget! If you prefer to work on an a la carte basis, we have the solution for you! Take your pick of these offered services throughout the year.


A Year of Wellness

Just getting started?  Start here!   Choose 12 workshops with Allegro Coaching, with topics ranging from physical health, resiliency, work life balance and mental health.  You pick the topics and enjoy the benefits of providing both a framework for your new program and the consistency of having our team develop strong relationships with your employees.


Allegro Coaching App

Invite all of your employees into the new Allegro Coaching app to measure their weekly progress and access our on-demand workout library!  This add-on benefit gives employees the ability to sync their Apple watch, FitBit or MyFitnessPal right into the app, design their own workouts within our extensive exercise library and enjoy monthly fitness challenges within the Allegro community!


Wellness Courses

Sometimes, we need a little more support and accountability than just one workshop.  Give your employees a structured course offering that reinforces learning from week to week and builds new content and goal setting over time.  Our wellness courses range anywhere from 6-12 weeks long and include weekly group webinars that are 30-60 minutes in length, depending on the culture of your workplace. Choose from (6) brand new Wellness Courses, including topics on health improvement, mental health and personal development.


Wellness Challenges

Our team thrives on creativity and “one of a kind” programs that fit your culture and needs. Our virtual wellness challenges allow us to provide expert coaching and education, at a fraction of the cost. Virtual challenges are perfect ways to spark new energy in your program and help employees feel connected.  With over 12 virtual challenges to choose from, each program allows participants to track daily progress, interface with other users and access all resources within the Allegro Coaching App!


Health Information Management

Let us manage your employee’s results with their physician’s verification forms.  Forms will be scanned directly from the physician to Allegro Coaching with a secure client number and automatic confirmation email. Includes year-end aggregate report of company health trends and risk factors.


Tobacco Cessation Services

Overcoming tobacco addiction is done best with a support system. Our six-week, comprehensive tobacco cessation class provides an outlet for employees to build a network with others who are tackling the same issue together. In this course we address the biological, psychological, and social issues that influence smoking behavior and provide attendees with the tools necessary to overcome this addiction once and for all!  One-on-one tobacco coaching services are also available.


Fitness Classes

Give your employees the tools they need to move before, during or after their workday.  Classes can be offered onsite or virtual and are geared towards all fitness levels.  Choose from classes such as yoga, core, strength training, or Pilates in 6-week sessions or longer!