Health Coaching

Personalized support for those who need an extra nudge.


What we do best at Allegro is coaching. Using motivational interviewing and goal setting, we focus on the determinants of health behaviors like emotion, motivation, stress, time management and effective planning to ensure lasting behavior change and improved both

physical and mental health. Programs can be customized to your wellness needs and budget. Our team consists of certified health coaches, dietitians, health educators, clinical psychologists and behavioral therapists.


Unlimited Health Coaching

This model allows your employees to engage with a coach when THEY are ready to make changes. Some employees only need a few sessions to get started or redirect; others may utilize coaching every other week to make some BIG changes in life. This is an exceptional benefit to give your employees all year long!


Limited Health Coaching

This model allows each employee to access 5 health coaching sessions per year. Again, they can start their health coaching when THEY are ready to start or shift differently. Five sessions gives employees a TON of space and time to change their behavior; in fact, health coaching can account for up to 50% of behavior change. It’s the best investment you can make within your entire wellness program!


Results-Based Coaching

Let us collect your annual physical forms and coach individuals who are at risk for high cholesterol, high glucose, high blood pressure, unhealthy weight or tobacco usage. Individuals are coached on where they are at with their readiness to change. Our team of coaches serve to encourage and provide high-level education and resources to support change, when ready.