Enjoy a customized wellness program that gives you the ultimate flexibility and programming for an entire year of wellness! All current wellness partners receive our Quick Tip Clips each month, which feature 60-second educational videos and handouts to share with your employees on various wellness topics. In addition, our partners receive full access to the new My Life Expert. This platform empowers your employees with tools such as financial wellness, self-care, leadership training, grief support and mental health. These tools are at no additional cost!


Partnerships can range from 60 hours on up, depending on the number of services you want below. Enjoy monthly budgeting and having your hours carry over from month to month so you can pivot or push play however your wellness needs shift throughout the year. Use your partnership hours with any of the following wellness services:


Results-Based Health Coaching

• Content Development
• Customized Communication
• Participation Tracking
• Data Management
• Webinars/Workshops
• Leadership Webinars
• Health Coaching
• Fitness Classes (virtual or live)
• Meditation Services
• Behavior Change Courses (see below)
• Wellness Consulting
• Tobacco Cessation
• Wellness Challenges