2021 Webinar Catalog

AllOne Health offers a variety of wellness topics to build awareness and inspire behavior change. Our team of keynote presenters are experts in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, meditation, life coaching, psychology, and behavioral health. We promise to deliver education in a fresh, memorable learning style.  Check out our wide range of topics listed below!

Physical Health

Eating for Energy
We all want to do more with less but how do we find the extra energy to keep going? This webinar explores which foods can provide you with optimal energy, as well as best practices that you should consider when it comes to coffee, water, sleep, physical activity, and breathwork for optimal daily energy and performance.

Gut Health
Have you heard that your gut is a “second brain” in your body?! That means what we eat may affect our bodies to a much greater extent than just providing energy. In this workshop, you’ll learn the causes of common digestive issues, the effects these have on overall health, and signs that your body may need some help!  We’ll teach you what the microbiome is, causes and treatments for food intolerances and allergies plus recommendations for dietary, supplemental and herbal approaches for holistic health.

Move Better; then...Move More!
Persuasion to move more is everywhere from your doctor’s office to billboards on the highway. Seriously, have you ever had someone suggest you should do less activity?! However, a significant number of orthopedic injuries occur to recreationally active individuals each year that may be avoidable if more attention was given to movement quality over quantity. In this session, we’ll describe optimal movement patterns and their importance, neuromuscular control of movements, along with ways you can optimize your movements to not only diminish risk of injury, but get more out of your workouts! Warning: this webinar is interactive – wear clothes you can move in, because we will!

Optimal Core Exercises
Having a strong core means so much more than having abs you want to show off at the beach! An optimally functioning core is essential to practical movements in athletics and everyday life, and includes having the right amount of stability and mobility. We'll teach participants about their core anatomy, how to best engage their core muscles, optimal exercises for the core (no, sit ups are not on the list!), and progressions of these exercises! You’ll be amazed how these tips and tricks can reduce pain or help you reach the next level of fitness. This webinar will include an optional 15-minute core workout!

How to Lose Weight & Keep it Off
Let’s face it, losing weight is NOT easy, especially in a sedentary, unhealthy culture where we want immediate results.  Over 90% of individuals who lose a considerable amount of weight will put it back on in less than one year. Let’s peel back the conversation to share what really needs to be done to make weight loss last long term. We’ll share new research on diet trends and exercise, as well as interesting data on habits, environment, and social support.

Maximizing Your Workouts with Minimal Time 
There are only so many hours in a day, yet we all know exercise is important for our health, and many of us would like to exercise more. So, how can we maximize our workouts with minimal time? Believe it or not, research is on your side! Learn how you can maximize your fitness goals in ten-minutes or less throughout the busy workday, including the most effective exercises to improve your strength, lose weight, increase your heart rate and stay limber over time! This interactive presentation will guide you through several workout programs you can do at home or on the go, with modifications for all fitness levels included!

Healthy Eating on a Budget 
There is a misconception that eating healthy is expensive. It can be, but planning and prepping can make healthy eating feasible on any budget. This workshop aims to give you simple strategies to make meal prep less daunting and systems that can keep you organized from week to week.  We’ll talk “emergency” meal plans, seasonal cooking and most importantly, how to add nutrition into everyday meals!

Debunking Fad Diets
How many diets have you heard about through friends, family, or social media? How many times have you wondered if this is THE diet…the one for you? How many times have you wondered if all those claims are true? Let’s talk about that diet, the one you heard about, the one you wonder about. Let’s break it down and see what it’s really made of. Join our in-house dieticians for an insightful and educational workshop equipping you with the knowledge and skills to decipher fad diets!

At Home Workouts that Add Up!
No doubt our work and personal lifestyles have changed dramatically over the last year, with many of us spending the majority of our days at home. Even if not working from home, we may not be planning to return to a gym setting. Join us to discuss some easy exercises you can do at your home (or office!) workstation to stretch, strengthen and gain mobility throughout the day? This workshop focuses on 10-minutes of movement at a time.  We’ll give you an easy-to-implement core workout, body weight strength workout and full body stretch, with no equipment necessary!

Healthy Tweaks to Maximize Your Sedentary Job
The more time you spend sitting, the more likely your health will suffer. Unfortunately, most of us spend the majority of our time at our jobs sitting in front of a screen or in meetings. In addition to making an effort to move more (getting up to move around every hour, taking a walk at lunchtime, etc.), you can also make sure your eating habits at work are top-notch. Join us to learn some simple yet effective strategies that will enhance your mobility, posture, performance, energy, and mood! You’ll want to drag your coworker to this interactive webinar too!

The Importance of Sleep
Sleep - It's not just for your tired body! Adequate sleep is required for optimal brain function, long term memory development, allowing your body recover physically, keeping your immune system strong, and even losing or maintaining weight loss! This webinar presents the latest research on sleep, as well as how to practice a healthy bedtime routine!

Quick & Healthy Meals for Busy Families
This workshop is about creating solutions and systems for working parents and active children to stay on track with healthy nutrition.  While it would be nice to have a hot cooked meal every night, sometimes it is not feasible.  So, what are some easy short-cuts, kitchen tools & activities you can do ahead of time to whip out a healthy meal in less than 10-minutes?  Yes, 10-minutes or less of prep work guaranteed!  All participants receive our Recipe Guide to over 20 quick & health meals too!

Virtual Cooking Demonstrations
Sometimes the best way to learn is to watch (and do!). Join us for an interactive cooking demonstration, virtually of course!  Our dieticians will walk your employees through a virtual kitchen experience, personalized for your employees.  You pick the food topic, with ideas ranging from   mason jar salads, summer salads, healthy office snacks, or reuse and recycle meals!

Matters of the Heart 
Heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the United States, affecting both men and women. In fact, every 36 seconds, one American dies from heart disease. This workshop will teach us what our heart muscle does for us every single day and how we can take care of it, no matter our age, gender, genetics or fitness levels. This workshop will also teach you some fun facts you may not know about the most important muscle in your body, as well as share new research on heart health over the past five years. Join us....it DOES matter!

Exercise is Medicine
What if there was a medicine that could almost guarantee a healthier, happier, longer life?! While not in a pill, there is a medicine that offers these benefits and it’s called exercise! While exercising to burn calories is great, exercise has SO many other benefits to offer, independent of the scale!  Exercise is one of the most effective ways to manage depression, and can help improve relationships, productivity & happiness!  Exercise can even enhance longevity, prevent heart disease, osteoporosis and dementia.  Join us as we peel back all the benefits of movement, how your movement should change with age, and how to continue moving throughout your life by finding your soulmate workout!

How to Make Veggies Taste Great!
Eating a plant-based diet has been shown to ward off disease and improve the longevity of our life, not to mention help the waistline.  If  you’ve been resistant because well, veggies don’t taste good and salads are boring, let us help spice up your cooking techniques!  We want to teach you how to accessorize your veggies with healthy fats, spices, sauces, etc making veggies center stage of the entire meal!  Watch out...this workshop is jam packed with recipes & demonstrations!


The Science of Happiness
As Americans, we push toward many tangible goals: job promotions, a beautiful home, a certain number in the bank account, etc. However, when we look back, one of the simplest focuses in life is “I just want to be happy.” Learn what happiness means and the main components of living a joy-filled life. Create gratitude and joy-lists to jump-start your happy-focused life.

Redefining Work-Life Balance 
For many, work/life balance means having it all, but in reality, work/life balance is having it all work together. Optimal work/ life balance – whether single, married, parenting or empty nester - - can be achieved by understanding your priorities and having the resources to make them attainable. In this workshop, you’ll map out your everyday roles and what success looks like in each role. We’ll discuss the importance of boundaries, grace, heart, and hustle. Mix them all together and each day will look different but feel more aligned with where you want them to be.

Intro to the Enneagram:  Know Yourself with Greater Compassion
Would knowing how and why you react to situations help you better understand who you are? What about knowing those around you? Discover what your "main" type is and do some minimal exploration of how you show up in the world and your tendencies - and also how you can grow.

10 Laws of Personal Growth
Are you ready to reach your FULL potential? Are there tried and true principles that are certain to help a person grow? Absolutely!  This workshop walks you through the most critical laws of growth for both self and leadership. If you are open to growth, whether in your career, your relationships, your personal self-care, this is for you!   This is an excellent workshop to break into two-parts for employees or scheduled as a keynote address to your leadership or management teams.

Time Management:  Focusing on What You Can Control
Do you find yourself running out of time in the day? Falling behind on deadlines, unable to complete household chores, struggling to keep up with life’s many responsibilities? We aren't always able to take things off our plate, but we can learn how to better manage our time and focus on the things we CAN control in our day. Learn how to get more life out of your routine and how to make the most of your time.

Developing a Strong Mindset
How often do you exercise your mental muscle? Learn how to better overcome adversity, deal with change, handle emotions, focus on attitude, and more! Life throws a lot of curveballs at us, but developing a strong mindset can help us lead happier, healthier, and more successful lives.

Grace & Goals
Goal setting is important.  But we must also remember that if we set our own goals, we can change our expectations Learn how to set up goals that make sense for you, in your current circumstances, and that give you an element of grace to ensure your self care is as important as your goal attainment!

Motivation & Building Healthier Habits
To build a good habit:  make it attractive; make it easy; and make it satisfying. To break a bad habit:  make it invisible; make it difficult; and make it unsatisfying.  Sounds easier said than done, right?  We are creatures of habit, but sometimes it can be difficult to form new healthy habits. During these times it's even more important to focus on our wellbeing, and incorporating healthy habits into our daily routine to manage stress, improve our health and increase performance.  Let’s talk about how to make those habits stick for good!

mental HEALTH

Mindfulness & Stress Management 
Are you curious how mindfulness might help you when you are feeling overwhelmed?  The practice of mindfulness can help teach us to pause and notice what is happening in the moment. Through these practices we can nurture the experiences of joy and wellbeing while managing the stressors that naturally arise throughout life.  This workshop is interactive, taking you through a handful of different mindful exercises to consider.

Meditation 101
Meditation is a 2,500+ year old practice for training the mind.  Meditation is a practice that cultivates a state of thoughtless awareness, where you find a profound, deep experience where the mind is silently calmed, yet alert. Meditation is not about switching off your thoughts or emotions and blocking out what arises. Meditation IS about understanding that you can observe thoughts and feelings, without judging them.  This workshop will help you understand not just the benefits of meditation, but how to make it stick, in the busyness of everyday life.

The Importance of Personal Reflection & Self-Awareness
Self-awareness is an essential skill for personal growth. Without self-awareness, we walk around unconscious and often reactive to others and even our own selves.  When we become more aware, we can more easily make changes that help us develop ourselves into the person we want to be and improve our lives.  This workshop aims to teach you the why so you can focus on the how.  We’ll spend time talking about how reflection can create significant growth in your mindset and your daily habits, along with simple ideas on how to practice reflection throughout the busy work week!

Fostering Resilience – Making it Your Own
Emotional resiliency is the ability to experience something stressful without letting it destroy your resolve, sense of purpose, or hopes for the future. It’s more than just keeping calm and carrying on. Being emotionally resilient means that you can acknowledge and metabolize negative feelings instead of locking them away or being overwhelmed by them. Resiliency is important to our sense of balance and it can even positively impact our physical health by boost our immune system!

Crucial Conversations:  The Art of Boundary Setting
We may argue that the root cause of many, if not most human problems lie in how people behave when others disagree with them about high-stake, emotional issues.  We also know that if we don’t ask, we don’t get help.  Setting boundaries does not mean you don’t want people in your life, or you want them to stay away from you; having boundaries helps you decide what you will accept and what you will not accept.  This workshop focuses on what you have control over, what you do not have control over, and how to have critical conversations to know the difference.

Shift Happens....Healthier Coping Strategies
Stress is now associated with over 80% of all disease.  While we can’t avoid stress or control the world around us, we need to learn how to live with the “shifts” of everyday life.  The stress we experience in today’s world is the constant drip of a leaky faucet and while we may not notice it daily, if left unattended, it will ruin the entire sink.  Let’s share healthy coping strategies you can practice for self-care.  We’ll dive deep into breathwork, visualization, gratitude, social connection and sleep.

financial HEALTH

The Savvy Spender
Identifying and implementing new creative ways to save money and the new technologies available to stretch your dollar are the focus of this session. From reviewing different web links to the pros and cons of bulk buying to avoiding impulse buying, to how to spot a scam are all discussed in an interactive group setting.

Budget Boot Camp!
This topic is available in one session to three sessions that are designed to help uncover habits, attitudes, and myths that help people to have more control over their finances and money choices. This hands-on topic creates an engaging group discussion, one-on-one reviews of finances, and focuses on the impact of keeping a spending plan.

Financial Freedom: Living Debt Free!
This session discusses methods to eliminate debt by identifying various tools that can help you become debt-free. Whether it’s a personalized plan or getting assistance from an outside party, this session helps shed light on reputable ways to become free of credit and loan debt by avoiding frauds and scams.