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Virtual Coaching Beta Test Group


Allegro Coaching is launching a brand new product and we could not be more excited!

At Allegro Coaching, coaching is what we do. Health coaching is a productive relationship built around goal-setting and accountability which results in sustainable change for the good.

Health coaching is holistic.Coaching is not limited to nutrition or fitness but is open to all components of well-being such as emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical wellness. Through authentic relationship, we meet you where you are at and helpguideyou to where you want to be. Our role as your coach in virtual coaching is not to prescribe or tell you what to do but rather to come alongside you to improve your overall well-being. This makes health coaching notably different than the prescriptive nature of personal training.

We have seen successful health coaching testimonials via the corporate division of Allegro Coaching for years and we want to bring this opportunity to our members and beyond!

However, because this product is NEW, we are looking for TEN of our MEMBERS to join our beta test group for free! This 6-week test group will run from June 3 – July 16 and include 3 free sessions via phone or video chat and feature weekly check-ins with your own personal coach!

Interested? Apply here by May 24, 2019! You will be notified if you’ve been selected for the beta test group by May 31, 2019.

Beta Test Group Contract

In return for participating in this beta test group at no cost we will simply be asking for your continuous feedback in order for us to improve via surveys and video testimonials on all stages of the process: pre and post-assessments, coach quality, session length, virtual coaching experience, etc. By applying to this beta test group, you are accepting these terms.